These 18 reasons why Donald Trump is better than Obama will either make you laugh or cry for America

Allan shac shared 18 reasons why Donald Trump is a far better President that Barack Obama. But they are not exactly reasons.




Allan is a satirist and a regular contributor to millennial site, Thought Catalog. While these reasons are as funny as intended, it also reveals the extremely divided state of things in the United States right now.

Allan claims that these are all reasons why “Red State Republicans” think that Trump is way better than Obama ad in listing reasons that have nothing to do with policies nor credentials beyond the colour of skin and privilege, Allan has easily confirmed what many Americans have held on to since the November, 2016 elections: that Donald Trump only won because racist Americans voted him in.

Sure enough, the POTUS has hardly disappointed those theorists (many of them Hillary Clinton supporters) with his Muslim travel ban, attack on black legislator, John Lewis and more recently, picking on the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. And the fact that through all of these, his core fan base has not seen anything wrong with Donald Trump’s actions goes even further to prove Allan right.

While it’s natural to reel in laughter as one reads these ridiculous reasons why some people actually believe that Donald Trump is better than Obama, it’s hard not to shake one’s head in sadness at the state of affairs in a country that touts itself as the land of the free and the home of equal opportunities for all.


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