7 things you’ll feel while you watch the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale

Pinky swear! This is no spoiler. Think of it as a kind word of advice before you watch what is probably the biggest and most revealing episode yet of the fantasy series that we’ve all come to love. This, we are certain, will save a lot of people from the palpitations they’d have experienced while watching the final episode of the this season’s Game of Thrones.

Without further a do:

1. Oh wow! Arya Stark! Just Wow.

As if she hasn’t already wowed you enough so far, this is a sentiment you’ll find yourself expressing as you watch the much-anticipated season finale.  And Sansa! Hey Sansa!

If you are in doubt, be guided by Maisie Williams’ (who plays Arya) tweet to herself validating a 2016 tweet where she told us to begin mentally preparing ourselves for season 7. “U were so right”, Maisie replied herself after last night’s spectacular show down. Okay! tiny Winnie spoiler: it had something major to do with a collaboration against Peter Baelish (Littlefinger).

2. So bloody!

Someone you did not think had any blood running through their veins because of how cunning they’ve been actually possess so much of the red stuff.

3. Yaasss! The Dragon and the Wolf!

Sure, it’s the title but of course, we don’t need to give away what it really -reeeeeaaaaallllyyy really – means. Or do we?

4. When is it going to be over?

HBO did.not.care! They even ate into the time of Issa Rae’s Insecure that should have aired right after.

All we can say is: clear your schedule Westoronians! The night is long and flaming cold!

5. Theon! 

Na you be this?

6. Hey there, blue-eyed Viserion

And you thought that Cersei’s gooey green slime was as badass as things could get in Westeros. Please don’t wall yourself in. Or you can. Doesn’t matter either way. Someone tell Donald Trump to watch this to see why he can forget about that yuuuge wall of his.

7. So much for all the silly conspiracy theories we indulged in on YouTube and fan sites.

Especially no Floyd-McGregor-type Hound Vs Mountain Clegane showdown? Tcheeew!



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