Abisonaspeaks: What I know about the Nigerian Idol judges

by @abisonaspeaks

Ever hung out with your friends, made a video, taken some pictures and then gone home to show everyone but it isn’t quite as alive as when you were there?

My little preamble is to say, i hope that when Nigerian Idol starts airing in December, Yinka Davies will glow as much on television as she does in real life!

She truly is amazing- eccentric, funny, expressive, and grounded! She knows her music that is for sure and I am glad she is back!

Judging anything, be it a competition or some reality show is never easy. I should know, I have to do that sometimes! The task is to either say no without crushing dreams, or say yes without raising hopes. And then, there is the simple maths- you can’t bring them all in!

Daunting eh?

Well, while one would expect a female judge or presenter to be the meek, nice, motherly one (a role I hate for its very clichedness and sexism…pardon my poetic license), one would be pleasantly surprised with Yinka on the show!

She is firm! Direct! Blunt!  I would be scared to sing in front of her (I didn’t, I just played her my song on my phone instead!).

Jeffrey Daniels might not be as ‘big’ as Yinka and Charly Boy in his gestures and speech, but still, you can’t deny he knows what he is talking about. He’s the ‘most likely to give a Second Chance’.

Now Charly Boy, that’s the ‘X’ factor right there! Yeah you sound good, but he wants you to look good, get his attention, prove you can deliver! It is a tough world out there and he needs to know you can hack it! I think some of his votes will surprise people!

It was fun watching them work though, especially Yinka. She is one of those people you see and say, “You should have your own show!”

Nigerian Idol starts airing December 4th!

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  1. funny. love Ms Davis, i dunno about Charly boy shaa… we'll see

cool good eh love2 cute confused notgood numb disgusting fail