Aderonke Adebanjo: What women find attractive

After asking the guys what they find attractive, it only made sense to find out what the ladies find attractive as well. So, here it is!

I asked the ladies the following question:

What are the top three (3) things that attract you to a guy or attracted you to your guy?

P.S. As with the guys’ survey, there’s a good mix of women here: single, in a relationship, and married 🙂

Humor, confidence, and ability to hold a great conversation – Bridget, 25

Conversation always top on the list, has to have the God factor for sure, and carriage – Fola,26

Loves God, intelligent/smart, good looking (+ dresses and smells good) – Shimi, 30

Heart for God, I find a man who loves God for real veeery attractive. Warmth and sensitivity, the ability to really listen/pay attention to me and what I’m saying and make me feel special.  Good looks, not necessarily Brad Pitt, but good looking, pays attention to how he looks/grooming, polished, and not uncouth – Bukky, 30

Appearance…forgive me for being superficial but I’ll do a double take with a guy that’s well put together…especially well tailored suits that fit. He may not be super cute but a guy that dresses well says something about his character (not the prima donnas…or “I must wear cloth by force”. I can spot those a mile away). A guy that’s up front and I can have a conversation with about anything other than relationship talk…there’s so much more to life than man/woman talk. A guy that openly loves God and Christianity – Dee,32

I had no interest in him whatsoever. He was a good friend and I did not think he was serious. What I really like about him is his acceptance of me. He does not argue when he is wrong and he apologizes. He has also learnt to give and the “koko”, his relationship with God – Oluwakemi, 32

He is a MAN that has a mind of his own. He makes decisions himself with minimal influence from friends and even family. He is a HARD and SMART worker. He knows God but he can improve on that a great deal and yes, he can cook. He is a lawyer that cooks so I call him my chef  – Tolu, 29

Intelligence, humor, and compassion – Idia,30

He’s God-fearing, he’s an amazing cook, and he’s yellow [LOL]. He makes me laugh and he’s the most ambitious person I know. That’s five but they are all important 😀 [LOL] – Nkem, 29

Looks, character, and a sense of humor – Bukola, 37

Height, sense of humor, and thoughtfulness – Ayobami,28

Maturity, humor (clean), height –Laolu,26

Any surprises? Any aha! moments, guys? Do you notice any similarities between what men and women want? Are we really that different in our desires? I don’t think anyone is asking too much so why does it seem like love is sometimes hard to find? *sigh*


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  1. Well, I guess we both live in different countries or peharps the ladies you surved weren't being honest. Which is common place in Nigerian society. The sad truth is that most (chosed my words carefully) nigeria women are for sale. The wealthier the man the more beautiful the woman. More like, the more karat in the gold the more expensive the gold. Those traditional values of Morals, Respect, Love, Compassion, kindness ( not necessary in the financial sence) and even Intelligence(not necessary of the academic type) seem to count for little this days. I have worked hard for what I have today, I would gladly give all of it away in exchange for a true relationship with a nigeria woman who see my other qualities rather than my financial strenghts .For this reasons, I would almost never marry a nigerian woman. Even if I was to give her all my wealth she will still want more.

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