#ALUU4: “We live in a city where wrong seems right…” – Listen to a song by 2 of the murdered UNIPORT students

Big L and Tipsy.

by Isi Esene

Rather, sadly, apt.

The four students of the University of Port Harcourt Ugonna, Lloyd, Tekena, and Chidiaka were paraded naked in public for alleged theft, beaten mercilessly, and, as can be seen in a now-viral video – burnt alive in an off-campus hostel in Aluu, Rivers.

Reports say two of the murdered students who had their lives cut short in its prime were aspiring rappers.

The two, Ugonna and LIoyd were cousins. Big L was the winner of a popular rap contest show on SilverbirdTV Port Harcourt called ‘Turb Show’.

Listen to one of their songs aptly titled ‘Aint no lov in the city’:


God keep us.

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  1. Any judicial means shld not b employed it shld b straight attack.since no body in dat community can say stop they shld b wiped out totaly both young and old.

  2. Just speechless.These had everythg and could become anything they wanted but for the deviants and hellraisers who stomped them.God bless their souls.My fingers are heavy.

  3. i just cant stop crying over the lost souls,i pray that the Almighty God will have mercy and let them in into his kingdom(Amen),I never knew them,but yet I feel the pain,justice must be done, for this strong angels.

  4. I have always prayed that when the time comes to contribute to society’s growth, I would be willing and able. Now I feel compelled to stand up and condemn what is evil and make a difference. But I can not do it alone. I need your help. If you have seen the video or pictures of the murder of the four (4) UniPort students for ALLEGED stealing and you genuinely feel disgusted, please share this message.
    “I personally, as a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, hold Gov. Amaechi accountable. He must ensure that every person whose face is captured in the video or pictures is arrested. Every one who participated in the beating must be tried for murder. The people who are shown encouraging them and who drew attention to the fact that one of the boys was not yet dead, are accessories to murder. The so called chief that decided their fate too should be tried for murder. If we get this one case right, people will be forced to stop and think before they participate in such acts of madness.
    I also hold the Nigeria Bar Association accountable. This people will claim that they did it because they do not believe in the judiciary. Take that as a challenge to show that you are not a toothless dog. Show us that you are an effective and capable body. I am personally insisting on justice for these boys.
    National Association of Nigerian Student, I hold you accountable, too. You claim you look out for student’s welfare. Do your job. Protect their interest by getting involved in the process to ensure that justice done.
    I also expect the Press to take the matter up and give it all the publicity it needs to cause action to be taken. The press needs to sensitize people to the fact it is murder to kill some one for alleged stealing. They must put pressure on the police to force them to protect people from this kind of jungle ‘justice’.”.
    On Friday we will enter mosque to pray. On Sunday we will go to church to lift up Holy Hands. Let me assure you that our hands will be soiled if we let this go. We can make enough noise about it to get something done. That way, the chances of justice for these young men will be better. You have the power in your hand and you can decide to use it. Please share this, not only to get them justice but also to end this barbaric tradition of beating people to death and burning them. You never know whose life you may be saving.

  5. hmmmm what a waste of Talent…. may God forgive those wicked people

  6. it is very sad to see how this boys life were cut short.i listen to there music and is like they knew what will happen to them cos they said their is no love in the city n part of the time which means it was jealousy or even hatred that they spoke about the city and part of that time.they have be targeting them.is only those who dnt know their mode of operation that can feel pity for the so called vigilanty.if they are not the armed robbers how come the theives operating mercilessly in aluu community are have not been caught?how come this boys were killed without arms on them?how come nothing was shown of what they stole?.i hope the boy who own one of them money and started the fight that later claim he life of this aspiring musicians and potential great guys will die slowlly without mercy.my heart go to the boys and their family.at least they have each other at death but i pray those involve expecially those so called elders n the the vigilantee die slowly without anybody with them and even God will not be with them cos they dnt know him cos i know even God heart is heavy with this man inhumanity to man.Nigeria is a pathtic country.

  7. #ALUU4: “We live in a city where wrong seems right…” – Listen to a song by 2 of the murdered UNIPORT students……U saw it all but GOD is on your side…IT IS SAD TO BE A NIGERIAN.

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