Apex Legends tips & tricks – 5 new player tips you should know

Apex Legends tips & tricks - 5 new player tips you should know

Apex Legends has undoubtedly made a name for itself as one of the top online multiplayer games in the last couple of games. The developers and the marketing team behind the project have certainly done an excellent job in creating a fantastic game that has been able to perform so well in such a competitive segment.

But while there is no doubt that the game is fun and exciting to play, especially with your friends, it does get pretty excruciating after a while if one is constantly losing. It is something that is experienced by almost every beginner player of the game. But what can be done? This game is pretty challenging for newbies. This is something we understand quite well, which is why we have compiled a list of five tips that every new player of Apex Legends wishes they knew. Follow these epic Apex Legends hacks and tips and repeatedly see your name in the win column.

Apex Legends tips & tricks - 5 new player tips you should know
Apex Legends tips & tricks – 5 new player tips you should know

1. Carry grenades and use them freely

Grenades are often the most ignored aspect of any FPS online game, and it is pretty understandable why such is the case. FPS games are all about shooting down the enemy, destroying their holdout, and stopping them from respawning. To do just that, it is common for players to place priorities on ammo, healing kits, and even shields, but not grenades. It is a massive mistake you can make, especially in Apex Legends.

In this game, Grenades can come quite handy. It can fulfill a wide range of functions, from killing an enemy to simply moving them away from a position. So, keep at least one piece in your backpack, as you never know when they might need them.

2. Increase the field of view

There is a setting in the game that many gamers are not aware of. It involves the field of view of the gameplay in Apex Legends. Find it and increase it to 100 or possibly more, whatever the highest setting is. If you play this game on PC, you might experience a bit of lowering of the FPS. In simplest terms, it is a bit of a trade-off for PC players. But for console, it is a setting you should opt for as soon as possible. What this does is that it simply allows for a larger field of view, the benefit of which is self-evident. However, do not go too overboard with this, as it could make aiming at opponents a tad more complicated.

3. Learn a better way to drop

Something you might not have noticed before, but the way your drop can also have a significant role in your game’s overall success. Naturally, your aim should be to get down quickly, find a good location, and start your game. This is entirely all right. But to achieve doing just that, there are a couple of things you need to do.

First, make sure that your drop speed is at 140 or more. Second, choose the map’s location and make a beeline towards it. Make sure that the angle of your drop is 45 degrees. This will undoubtedly help you get to your desired location quicker.

4. Do not go too fancy with the loadout.

Newbies should not try to do too much in their first couple of attempts in the game; it is simply a disaster waiting to happen. Opt for simple loadouts until you are more than ready to choose a more dangerous combination or for experimentation. For newbies, it is recommended that one go with the Rifle and Shotgun combo and stick with it for a while. At the very least, till they get competent at the game. Anything other than that would only make the game much more challenging.

5. Swap your armours

It is possible for players in the game to swap the armour from their inventory. This is undoubtedly helpful for players that like to loot downed players. Their armour, regardless of how much damage it has faced, will return to full once it is in inventory. It will certainly ensure that you survive longer than your competitors in this game.

These are some of the most popular Apex Legends tips and tricks that every beginner player of the game must know. Follow them to the letter.

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