#BBChat: "I wasn't detained for drugs!" – Nollywood sweetheart Stella Damasus talks to YNaija about tabloids, her marriage and her Arts Foundation!

 by ‘Ifreke Inyang

Just last week, a story made its way into the blogosphere and social  networks – famous Nollywood actress and singer, Stella Damasus had been  detained at the airport after drugs were found in her possession.

This is how National Mirror newspaper reported the ‘incident’:

    “Another hullaballoo erupted in the Nigerian entertainment scene, when  the rumour hit the internet that sultry actress, Stella Damasus, was  questioned and drilled on Thursday November 10, by the officials of  the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) for attempting to smuggle drugs suspected to be cocaine to Dubai.

     Who is after Stella Damasus is now the question begging for answer, as  SS reliably informed that the actress cum singer is currently in  Cameroun shooting a movie with Daniel Ademinokan and others. Beside  the statement made available to SS, Lambhogini, an aspiring music  star, who is said to be on the trip with Stella, has been singing it  like song on Facebook. “NDLEA never drill Say no to Crime Ambassador  Stella Damasus on drug or anything related to that last Thursday. She  has been in Cameroon working on her new project, some people are just  trying to destroy her great image but God pass them,” Lambhogini wrote  on his Facebook page. 

However, the statement sent to SS read, “To put the record straight,  Stella left Nigeria for Cameroon on October 30, 2011 for a movie  project she had been working on for some time now and she did not have  any unusual encounter with NDLEA officials. The false report is simply

the handiwork of some lazy journalists who use the internet as a tool  to misinform the public.” When SS contacted Mitchell Ofoyeju, the  Public Relations Officer of NDLEA, he could not ascertain the report.  “Many people are being searched and screened on daily basis  irrespective of their status, I cannot confirm whether she was scanned  or not, because you can imagine number of passengers to be screened  every day,” he said in a telephone conversation.”

Of course, when you add this to the fact that the almost farcical Baba  Suwe drug affair is still hugging headlines, it’s easy to see why the  story went viral. So we ‘pinged’ Ms. Damascus to find out what’s going on!

YNaija [25E20356]: What are these rumours we hear o?

Stella Damasus:  Been getting calls, my mum has been getting calls. This  is not nice at all.

 YNaija [25E20356]: Actually, they didn’t say you had drugs on you – the  stories say you were delayed and searched.

Stella Damasus: Even that is a huge lie cos I was in Douala. I am pained  o, I no go lie. My family can’t understand why ppl would do this. I am  trying hard not to be depressed.

 YNaija [25E20356]: *Hugs*

Stella Damasus: Thank you

YNaija [25E20356]: Why did u tweet that you ‘regret being a Nollywood star’?

Stella Damasus: I never did that

YNaija [25E20356]: Na wa o! These people are on fire o

Stella Damasus: I have 17 thousand ppl ff me.. They will tell u they never  saw anything like that

 Stella Damasus: Last thing I tweeted was a call for an audition before the gist came out

YNaija [25E20356]: And we’re sure u had no plans to go to Dubai

Stella Damasus: At all o.

 YNaija [25E20356]: Loooool!

Stella Damasus: Na true o shame no dey dis one

 YNaija [25E20356]: So this matter, what exactly happened?

Stella Damasus: Ok, first I never tweeted any such thing. Then I went to  Cameroon with Lamboghinny, Daniel Ademinokan, Kunle of Gulder Ultimate  Search and seven crew members with our equipment. We worked and then came  back on the 17th via Air Nigeria. Nothing of the sort ever happened. No  truth to the story. I have my passport to show that last time I went to Dubai was around Feb/March.

YNaija [25E20356]: When did u leave Naija?

Stella Damasus: 29 october

YNaija [25E20356]: And what exactly were u doing or what scene were u shooting on the said day?

 Stella Damasus: I was shooting a film called ‘Unspoken’.  We were  recording scenes in Douala at Bonamoussadi, It’s a love story set in a  University

YNaija [25E20356]: #GBAM! ..What would ever make u say u regret being a  Nollywood actor?

Stella Damasus: Nothing at all cos that’s who I am. And that’s why  millions of ppl pray for me every day

YNaija [25E20356]: What r d draw backs of being an actor for you as SDA  ? Everything must have its down sides abi na?

Stella Damasus: Well for me, it’s just the loss of privacy

YNaija [25E20356]: Think of three scenarios uv experienced bcos of ur work  that u wish u never did and u blamed it on d work

Stella Damasus: They doubled the price of things I wanted to buy in the  market cos of my face, but I never blamed it on the work. My dear I don’t  ever regret things I do. If they are mistakes I accept them and learn from  it.

YNaija [25E20356]: Hav u ever gone thru an embarrassin situation bcos of  ur work? Or some insulted u bcos they assume as celebrity they can say  watever d want to say about u

Stella Damasus: Oh yes now, that happens a lot. Some create impressions of  actors so much that before u open ur mouth they say pls don’t think that  cos u are a star we will just respond to you, most times its gossip from  some funny journalist.. Comes with the job

 Stella Damasus: But the advantages outweighs all that

YNaija [25E20356]: Any more works on ur plate u want to talk about? Films?  Projects?

 Stella Damasus: My students will graduate dec… I’ve started editing my  movie… Have three songs now ready for airing

YNaija [25E20356]: Tell us about the project/students?

Stella Damasus: I have 20 actors and 10 singers who will graduate from the  Stella Damasus arts foundation after three months of free intensive  training. They had great facilitators.

YNaija [25E20356]: Ah, free. Nice

Stella Damasus: We are producing singles for the singers and the actors about to do a short film

YNaija [25E20356]: Who were d facilitators?

Stella Damasus: The facilitators were Ben ogbeiwi of Project Fame, Tim  Godfrey, Pat king and Michael Abdul of midnight crew, etc.

YNaija [25E20356]: Why did u embark on the project?

 Stella Damasus: Well I wanted to do something and not just talk at home.  Instead of sitting at home and criticizing I decided to start something.  We needed ppl who are properly trained to come into the industry and  improve it. With the help of family and friends, we were able to pull it  off.

YNaija [25E20356]: What movie r u editing? D one in Douala or another?

Stella Damasus: I am editing the one from Douala

  YNaija [25E20356]: R u really going to join the league of Actor-musicians  soon?

Stella Damasus: I started out as a singer before acting came and I have  had a band formore than a decade.

YNaija [25E20356]: Tell them o! Lol!

 Stella Damasus: Abi o!

YNaija [25E20356]: What kind of songs r they? Love? Inspiration? Slow?  Fast? Hip hop 🙂

Stella Damasus: One slow, love, inspirational, one zouk with petit paye  from cameroon and get up with lamboghinny (fast)

YNaija [25E20356]: Just random question came to mind, r u officially  divorced from Mr Nzeribe?

 Stella Damasus: I am not allowed to talk about that according to my lawyer yet.

YNaija [25E20356]: Ok, thanks so much for your time Stella!

 Stella Damasus: Thank you

YNaija [25E20356]: 😉

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  1. Hi Stephanie,

    Ms. Damasus says information for the January session will be available before the end of December. Stay with us!

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    Ms. Damasus says information on auditions for the January classes will be out soon. Stay hooked on here!

  3. Hi stella hw do s/one register wit ur sch?

  4. Hi stella hw do s?one register wit ur sch?

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