Big Brother Daily Di-gist #9: No sleep, hot kisses, and it’s all for the cameras


by Denike & Ifedayo

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Still on the hook-ups issue, Yadel and Alex now have a l’il ‘somethin’-somethin” going on between them, like the steamy kiss they shared recently… and the other rumors keep coming in.

Big Brother isn’t pulling his punches; the task for the housemates this time seemed a bit of a shock to them. They were told to stay up for two nights and three days, and during this time, they had to come up with a 20-minute bedtime story which would be presented during their task presentation in the garden, every Thursday. Sleep deprivation task with no alcohol? How mean is Biggie?!

Alex, is skirting the edge of danger, having secretly switched the agreed wager from 50% to 75% of their cash pot during the diary session…without telling the others of his plan. What happens if the Downvillians don’t impress Biggie enough?? Alex! Official toast.

During lunch, the Upville housemates tried to make peace with one another as they apologised to each other for the things they might have done to hurt the other, all except Prezzo (who at this point is coming across as an arrogant jack***), who just stood up and left the kitchen after his meal. Maybe he was planning something big for Barbz, who knows?

The late afternoon task given to the Downville housemates was positively diabolical. It involved catching eggs through a conveyor pipe which randomly shoots eggs out at anytime. The more eggs they fail to catch, the more the time deducted from their sleep.

While chatting with Tamara in the garden trying not to fall asleep, Ola answered her question, that being which girl he would go for in the house; he told her everything in the house is fake, and that if he needed a real relationship, he’d get that outside the house. Tamara on the other hand told him he needed to let loose and have fun. And my own opinion? Ola is being very realistic. How would you meet someone within a 2 weeks and start making out??? Ola! Focus on the money jare! LoL… But have fun small na In a very catchy rap titled ”Acting for the Cameras”. In fact Prezzo has already laid down the fact that the housemates were not being real, and that they are only acting for the viewers.

DKB, who was not so keen on the acting topic, talked about Maneta. She said she annoys him and is always talking about women empowerment. Prezzo agreed with this and pointed out that Roki is painting her a fine image of what she isn’t. The jealous eyes of the other housemates couldn’t help but stare as the only official couple, Keitta and Mildred were busy ‘playing love’ on the bed. Mildred went on and on about her “bedroom moments” and how she hasn’t gotten any in a long while. Was she advertising?

Others soon swept out to play the ”spin a bottle” game downstairs. Now, what could go wrong with that?!

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