Big Brother StarGame Daily Di-Gist #10: Prezzo spits some game at Goldie, and Upville is full of…

by Denike & Ifedayo

UPDATE: So earlier today (Day 11) Prezzo seemed to be trying to work his way back into Goldie’s heart (or her underwear, I’m not sure he can tell the difference) and recited poetry to her, boy is spittin’ some game up in … well, Upville. More on this in our Daily Di-Gist tomorrow!

So the Downvillers (Downvillians? Can’t decide yet) have not only been kept awake by a task for 24 hours, they also have to keep a life-sized hamster wheel running constantly. Imagine the stress!

Mampi told Barbz how DKB has been saying awful things about her, and yes, ladies and gentlemen, she cried. She was probably disappointed that her friend DKB would gossip about her. If I may add this, I thought women gossip more, but BBA StarGame male contestants have proved me wrong :), and how! Seriously, I have never seen the like before, another myth busted.

Now to Prezzo and Goldie: their love story is turning sour o! So much so that the other Upville starmates expressed their reservations to Biggie about pulling off their bedtime story rendition since Prezzo and Goldie aren’t on good terms. Lover’s tiff toh bahd!

Goldie thinks Prezzo is invading her privacy and she told Biggie that there is need for people to keep their distance and respect boundaries. Prezzo simply told Biggie, “We are hanging there.” #Gbam!

I wonder what went wrong? They were so into each other! Moving on.

Prezzo should really stop drinking; first Barbz now DKB (has he got a, ahem, “problem” with alcohol?). He is blaming DKB for the ongoing “disagreement” between him and Goldie. Apparently, Goldie stopped talking to him after a rather deep conversation with DKB. DKB couldn’t help himself with his reply. He landed a solid insult when he told Prezzo, “We count on you to act like a retard every time you drink.”

*Falls off chair*

Prezzo went on to tell Biggie later on that alcohol doesn’t interfere with his manners and that he has a very high alcohol threshold. (Definitely has a “problem”)

To our Downville dorm (there are just so many of them!). They are all complaining to Bigge about how they find the sleep deprivation task hard to comprehend. Sorry housemates, no sympathy there.

Biggie is trying to loosen up the Upville contestants. He has noticed their ego problems and how snobbish they are and so Big Brother tasked the VIPs to ignore all jokes and pranks that Biggie tries to pull on them. What the heck kind of task is that?! That is way too easy, seeing that they all love their straight faces.

I guess Maneta (the only non-celebrity of the bunch) was right; the Upville housemates are boring and self-centred, but what do you expect from, you know, celebrities?

Are all these romances, and fall-outs going to last? Or are they all made of glass? Talk to me!

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