Big Brother StarGame Daily Di-Gist #35: Steamy kisses, Goldie looks a hot mess

Big brother stargame logo

Big brother stargame logo

by Denike & Ifedayo

In the early hours of Sunday, Junia and Malonza were seen kissing, and not just any kind of kiss—serious french kissing. This is weird because the duo are in an off-and-on relationship. Is it even a relationship or are they just friends with benefits? Last night’s kissing marathon was not their first, and it takes us back to the first night in the house when the two shared a steamy kiss in the jacuzzi. The next day Junia shared with her StarGame partner Jessica that she liked Malonza, the Namibian who described the kenyan as “very cute and a good kisser” then vowed to kiss him again. So we can say she planned the whole night from the onset.

As for Malonza who has never openly spoken of the relationship, we suspect he prefers friends with benefits because before the Botswana girls were evicted he has had his eyes on Edith! Any how, let’s see how it goes.

 Later in the day, Biggie spoilt the Upville girls by bringing in an incredible hair crew. The sluggish girls jolted up immediately the hair crew walked in, and Maneta and Barbz knew what they wanted immediately while Namibian Lady May needed a little bit of convincing. The Namibian lady asked to get a weave but was taken back when the stylist explained that he would be gluing the chosen pinkish/ reddish weave instead of sewing it.

“My hair will break,”said a panicked Lady May.

After some reasoning from her stylist the singer eventually came around. As for Goldie the Nigerian musician surprised everyone by refusing to get her hair done, she was seen telling her boo Prezzo that she isn’t into hair before retreating back to her room, a little while later she told a member of the hair crew to braid her hair into cornrows, although she didn’t look pleased as for the guys.

Then Barbz and Keita happily shared the cooking duties this afternoon. Barbz took off her jacket and kept only a tank top on, and we are sure that it was more than the just boiling pots that was increasing the temperature in the House. Earlier on with Keita stripped off his t-shirt and even did a bit of gyrating in the kitchen. We are not sure if this somehow part of his cooking ritual or whether the Ghanaian can even cook.

After cooking Maneta, Barbz and Keita were seen gossiping about Goldie and her boo Prezzo. Barbz went on to say, “If Prezzo was up for eviction Nigerians will slaughter him”. This she said while trying to fill Barbz and Maneta in on Goldie’s breakdown. Speaking in low tones she further on told them how hysterical goldie became when Prezzo told her they were just friends and they also dished out how she didn’t eat for three days until Biggie intervened…

Later on Goldie was seen teaching Maneta and Barbz how to dance, and they were finding it difficult to keep up with the very talented Goldie, who had a very good attitude of the whole thing as the two were seen giggling and enjoying themselves.

And then it was time for eviction, but since DKB and Zainab were sent packing from the house, no one was evicted, South Africa and Namibia were nominated randomly and then biggie decided that instead of one person being upgraded to Upville two people will be upgraded.

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