Blecyn George: Timi’s cruel set-up …Episode 2 (Y! Fiction)

by Blecyn George-M


“What?!, she couldn’t even take this out of the vicinity? Disgusting, what on earth does she see in such deluded, faded, weak, ruptured old men” he thought to himself.


Episode two


Timi’s room

Timi appears pensive as he makes his way into his room, he broods;

oh thank God I saved some cash, even if I didn’t, there would’ve always been a way”… Out of thought, he utters “I feel good tanananananana Abuja here I come”.  Snaps out of his happy mood, ruminatively he says to himself.


But why is my mother showing such intense hostility and in total contention about my going to Abuja for my Nysc…what is she thinking? What else does she want from me? I have spent 23years of my life in her sight, under her nose, in her arms. Was she thinking I will never leave this house? Oh how much I tried to be exactly what she needed of me and now she just wants to further take eminence control of my entire life. She chose my course of study, she chose the university I attended… giggles …no mother, not this time, not again. Let me face life and face it to the fullest, at least for a year, just a year dear mother”


He dropped his lines like he was narrating his life story to some onlookers who cared to listen. He dips his left hand into his jean pocket, bringing out an iPhone 5s, dials it and soon he is on call, gleefully he speaks;

o boy, hafa you na, ehen, which parol? Okay na I full ground but that’s not what I called you for, did you book the cheap flight for us”… laughs hysterically as he listens to the person on the other side of the phone, mean while he gets partially busy, placing his toiletries in a small leather bag “correct, you too much, well I just dey arrange my stuffs, maale wan spoil everything for me but I sha strong for her… never mind man, nothing serious at all. Alright we will keep in touch” listens for a while “okay, sure thing, tonight, I will meet you. Make e be later” he drops the call.

That was his friend Sam, whom Alice has warned him to stay away from, not because she hates Sam or thinks he is a bad boy but because she has had several dreams which keep revealing Samuel killing her only son for reasons the dream won’t expose. Sam is also quite older than Timi, this she often remind her son but kept her nightmare about Sam from Timi. Little did she know Timi is still in contact with Samuel even after graduating from the university. In fact, Samuel is the reason Timi will be leaving for Abuja tomorrow, unknown to Alice.


6:10 pm (Same day)


Slow Nigeria jam welcomes Timi as he walks into a bar not so far from his house. He had earlier agreed to meet Sam here. Sam wouldn’t tell him the purpose of their meeting, he only mentioned to him that there is a parol and they both need to sort things out. Timi glance his eyes around the bar but there seems to be no trace of Sam, he walks to take a sit in a less busy corner of the bar, he dials his phone as he approach the seat. The call keeps dropping without any message from the network provider. He can feel  ladies eyes undressing him, some not even minding they are with their man, he smiles slightly and take a sit. He is known as a snob in his area, but to him, he is just a reserve guy who really is not interested in area chicks or guys except for one girl, Tega. Someone caught his attention as he settles in his seat, a dainty dishy light skinned chick who wouldn’t look his way, sitting next to an older man about 60years old or more. The kind of attention she is giving to the old man, one would think he was 16years and she is 18years. She is Tega, a 21years old spoiled over the edge girl, the only girl whom Timi was interested in around his area. After hearing rumours that she sleeps around with neighbours husbands and sometimes she get beaten, this is the first time he is actually seeing her with an old man.

“What?!, she couldn’t even take this out of the vicinity? Disgusting, what on earth does she see in such deluded, faded, weak, ruptured old men” he thought to himself.

Tega had lost her parent when she was seventeen and in the past four years she just have to try somehow to get around helping herself and her two younger siblings. Whatever the case, this doesn’t justify Tega’s act if you should ask Timi.

Finally Sam’s number rings, Timi who is already feeling out of place and itchy to go home, gears his attention to the phone which he is holding to his ear. At least for few seconds he won’t be thinking Tega or anything concerning her. A dark tall strong chin, reasonably built guy with a mean face walk up to Timi, his both hands are in his jean pocket, Timi slowly drops his phone on the table in front of him, both shake hands warmly. He is Sam, Timi’s course mate and friend from Uni.

“Oh boy, network dey fear your phone abi na wetin?”

Timi speaks with his very poor pidgin intonation.

“Na the beer you go buy for me be that? After all the training I don expose you to, you still dey break my jaw with karikarcho pidgin”

Both smiles, Sam takes a sit across Timi’s, Timi continue…

Pidgin na pidgin jor, anyhow e sound enjoy ahm like that… glance at his wristwatch as his attention is partially on Sam “Guy, so what is the parol and what do we need to sortout? I will soon be leaving here”

“Hey wey you, chill, what are you rushing home to?” Sam ask

“Haba, you’ve forgotten the level in my housealready? I can’t stay out beyond 7:30pm” Timi replies him… Sam speechlessly looks at Timi for few seconds…

“You are kidding me, so even after university you still subject your big self to that ‘mommy says’ trash. Oh common, you are bigger than this”

Sam, I am not, I can disagree with my mom on so many things, in fact everything except for this one thing, ‘staying out late’. It has accustomed me and I really like it and it has saved my ass severally, so preach on but stay clear of this chapter, friend”

Timi smiles after making himself clear to Sam, who now barely has a word to contribute.

“Your choice man” Sam manage to say, his eyes still rolls around searching for theright words to use in striking back at Timi and his moral concerning keeping latenight.

“I know you, I know you are looking for a word to hit me with, but please the clock is ticking, you can use the whole night thinking of what to say to me and when we get to see at the airport tomorrow you can strike me… wears a serious look, lean closer to Sam “so what is the urgency about?

Sam scratching the back of his head, as if confuse…

“I really didn’t know how to tell you ever since, but I figured I should tell you before we leave for Abuja tomorrow… Timi curiosity vividly arouses as Sam speaks … my uncle said his wife has refused to me coming to their house with a friend”.

Timi’s arms drops, he tucks himself into his seat, short of words as he looks around, trying to distract himself from what he just heard. Sam is hoping Timi says something, or better still react, but Timi seem to have so much going through his mind, Timi turns his gaze to Sam… Sam appears uncomfortable… Samuel is the very reason Timi chose Abuja, though he needed to enjoy life on a different scale, something different from port-harcourt, Lagos is really much of a busy town and Timi hates it for that and he was encouraged to stick to Abuja by Sam. Why now, what could be wrongwith Sam, why the disappointment here and there? Maybe this is what Timi is thinking from the look on his face.

“You can call Ramatu, you know her parent stays in Abuja, even if it means staying for few months before getting yourself a place, I am sure she can help not necessary her own house, maybe she will have male friends who can actually helpyou”….

On hearing Ramatu, Timi’s breathe thickens, he turns his gaze away from Samand let out a fake smile.

Ramatu was Timi’s living nightmare back in the university, on hearing her name; Timi feels like slamming Sam’s head with a chair or better still sew his lips together.  Timihad help in defending Ramatu when people would curse her and spite her for being fat, lazy and dirtyback in the uni. He confronted everybody who would dare call Ramatu names to her face; he did all these out of pity. They nicknamed Ramatu a swine with plenty of wealth, Ramatu fell in love with Timi without his noticing. To crown it, she went about school telling people she is dating the then finest guy in school. Girls who had eyes on Timi, and Timi’s on them, hoping that someday one after the other he will have a bedroom lesson time with them, lost interest in Timi, following the allege news of him doing it with a dirty fat classless girl. Ramatu went as far as telling her parent about Timi and how much he loves her. All Timi wished for was to graduate in peace and finally walk pass Ramatu and her dilemma and here Sam is mentioning her again. Someone he can barely stand to talk to now, someone who betrayed him out of her selfish interest not minding he helped when she needed someone most. Oh maybe Sam wants him to have a miserable one year in Abuja, Ramatu will do all it takes to have Timi with her every second, maybe this time she will introduce him to her entire clan. And even tell people they’ve tied the knot. Sam really don’t want Timi to have his fair hunt for pretty, classy hot chicks in camp and after camp.

“Now you are in need, don’t think or mind what she looks like, fat or not fat, all you need now is shelter, guy it’s Abuja and people like Ramatu don’t come by easily, swallow the shit, her smell, her size, religion, whatever you thought was wrong with her and grab the chance of getting a place for yourself… if you ask me, she is beautiful and you can manage everything about her for a year” just one year. Sam stress…

Timi stands looks down at Sam… with a deep stern disappointed voice he speaks

“Make e be later” he walks away, Sam appears confuse, attempt to stand and run to Timi on the second thought, he relax on his seat.

“At least I have taken the burden off my neck”… Sam thought to himself “it is better late than never”. He added as he takes a glimpse at his phone. The cloud is already appearing in it panoramic monochromatic darkness. Sam stands and leaves.

Timi’s room (on the day he is to leave for camp)

A knock is heard on the other side of the door, Timi is in front of his mirror trying to put finishing touch to his fine boy look. He had locked himself inside his room since last night and his mother had come knocking twice last night and now again. She is here to bid him goodbye and safe journey, she struggle to push the door…

“I am coming to get the door” Timi utterswalking towards the door, clicks it open.

“good morning mom”  she nodes at him, scan her eyes around his room and luggage then settle her gaze on Timi.

“I knocked twice last night and once very early this morning but it seemed you were fast asleep. Guess you really had to rest for today’s journey. I am really late for work now. I needed to pray with you last night, never to worry, I prayed and will continue to do so. Here”…

Handing him some money, Timi looks very happy as he stretch his hand to take the money.

“Thanks mum, thank you so much I am more than grateful”

“It’s okay my dear, go in peace. Since you won’t change your mind and give into my opinion, well, it’s fine. But just so you know, I am scared for you and I hope and pray you’ll be fine. Sorry I promised not to mention this again and here I am talking about it. I really wish I could take you to the airport but work…” she manage a smile as she pecks him.

“It’s okay mom”  Timi says. Mrs Alice leaves, not looking so pleased. Just immediately Timi’s phone rings, he picks and listens for a while

“Well, you booked the flight, you should pay for it. I’m in Abuja as we speak”… Sam voice over grace the other side of Timi’s phone

“Are crazy or something?” he utters furiously.

“It is you who is crazy” Timi replies Sam rudely and drops the call immediately

“Nnama shobi” (bush meat)

Timi drags his luggage out of the house, his flight is in 3hours time, he has to leave the house now so he won’t miss his flight, considering the unpredictable Port-Harcourt traffic.

This will be Timi’s first visit to Abuja, from all look of things; it seems it is going to be an uneasy one for the young man.

Will Timi return to the south after his three weeks camp?

Will he enjoy his stay in camp at all?

Will he agree to Ramatu helping him or will he get really lucky and find someone who would help him with accommodation after camp?

Or will his mother send him money for accommodation????

Who will set Timi up and why?

Find out answers to the enlisted and more in the next episode.

To be continued….


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