[The Church Blog] Night of worship at Daystar Christian Centre and the things that could have been done better

So, one of the most anticipated worship events in Lagos and environs happened on Wednesday at Daystar Christian Centre. The annual event holds at the middle of the year and like everything related to Daystar, it was first class. The sound, the light, the uniformed dressing, the views, everything was on point as expected.

The programme started right on time. 6pm prompt and not a minute later. That itself is commendable, however, you look at it. If you’ve been to several events in Nigeria, you would have noticed the complete disregard for time especially among Christians. At 6pm, the microphone would probably still be undergoing testing or the lights would not be coming up or something as flimsy as the person to lead opening prayer is hooked in traffic. But, this was different. One of the many things we know Daystar for is timeliness and they did not prove us wrong. A few things were a let-down though and in the spirit of love and improvement, it would be great to see that such mistakes are not made in subsequent editions

The first three songs into the worship session were no less than choir special presentation or better still special numbers. We came to worship and not to listen to special numbers. If it were to be normal Sunday choir presentation, it could have been acceptable. It would also have been acceptable if they were simple songs with simple lyrics that the worship leader could have taught and the congregation could have easily followed, but no, they were foreign songs with bridge, complex choruses, several verses and the singers didn’t fail to add all the necessary “adlibs”. People would definitely have been lost for those several minutes when the singers decided to deliver special numbers rather than lead the congregation in worship.

Another thing I believe could have been worked on was the orderliness. The beauty of worship sessions most of the time, lie in their spontaneity. The orderliness although good, made it lack the true essence of unscripted worship. It was planned in such a way that after a song, another singer comes up, leads another one or two songs that has been thoroughly rehearsed and on and on. It’s good to rehearse and yes, it’s also good to have prepared songs but planning the worship session from beginning to end is a no!

Very similar to The Experience, the ending was everything. Spontaneous, raw, unrehearsed and deep. Looks like the ending finally made up for the few mistakes made.

All the same, we are grateful to God for the success of the event and this yearly gift that Daystar presents to us on a yearly basis and yes, I’d still be there next year.

Well-done Healing streams of God, Well-done Daystar.

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