Commentary: Donald Trump got his political training in Nigeria

For the past few years, United States President, Barack Obama mesmerized the world with his quick wit, starchy, yet frank, personality as he handles the affairs of the ‘world most powerful country’- either by giving speeches and/or playing host to children and elderly people.

As the race for the White House gets intense- coupled with CNN’s knack for spending more than 12 hours a day analysing the US presidential campaign- we can’t help but hunger for that Obama style of politics, election campaign gusto and charm.

But since we can’t have Obama, we’ll make do with Donald Trump’s bullish, impulsive, fallacious and loud mouthed nature.

We’ll make do.

In many ways, Donald Trump reminds one of Nigerian politicians- during, after and before elections. In fact, Trump might have Nigerian genes.

Here are 5 simple reasons why we believe Donald Trump got his political training in Nigeria:

1)Facts can jump off the cliff, sentiments ti take over

To win an election in Nigeria, simply apply to populist emotions and sentiments, doesn’t matter if its stripped bare of facts and feasibility.

People will applaud you, follow you and cheer you once you say what they want to hear. You really don’t have to be politically correct to win an election in Nigeria, just apply to sentiments like ethnicity, or region and, my favorite, religion.

Think am lying? Raise your hand if you bought the ‘I will end insurgency by December’ and ‘N5000 for unemployed youths.’

You see- Uncle Trump is the king of spinning, just like our politicians.

2)Certificates and reports can disappear, appear or go into extinction

Trump is yet to produce his tax return after more than a month since the presidential primary began.

It reminds us of a certain former Head of State who won an election despite the controversy surrounding his academic certificate.

3)Brag, just gloat, and talk about anything, even the inane and utterly useless

Just as a dishonorable Nigerian Senator took his time, while in plenary, to condemn the marriage of a governor to a foreign woman and how much he appreciates Nigerian women, the GOP front-runner also took his time, to explain to the world just how gigantic his penis is.

We are sure he will still win the primary election if he’d brought out his phallus to prove to us how big it actually is.

4)You don’t need to have a stand, reverse whenever and wherever you want

Recently, a photo of General Muhammadu Buhari’s 2003 presidential campaign billboard surfaced online, wherein he promised to not spend more than 110 days in a year travelling.

As president, PMB is on course to best Obasanjo’s “globetrotting’ record in less than a year.

However, what confuses us more is Trump’s position on the invasion of Iraq by former US President George Bush. In 2002 he supported it, in 2016….. we are still confused on that, but he did condemn the invasion during a townhall meeting, didn’t he?


“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,” says Trump.

And we don’t doubt that at all.

By the way, does skin color make you any smarter? We doubt that. Case in point: Trump supporters.

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Opinion article written by Nwankwo Emeka J.

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