Dangote truck driver kills 3 at Lagos-Ibadan expressway

by Dolapo Adelana

Dairu Murtala, a truck driver for the Dangote Group on Tuesday sent three men to their early graves at the Arepo end of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Ogun State.

According to The Punch, Murtala was said to be driving against the traffic when he crushed the victims, who were about to cross the expressway into the Arepo community.

It was learnt that the driver did not stop after the incident, as he continued driving.

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He was chased by some motorcyclists to Magboro, a neighbouring community, where he was apprehended.

He was reportedly beaten to a pulp before the intervention of policemen from the Warewa division, who rescued him from the mob.

The remains of the deceased, who were said to be workers of a company in Arepo were carried away by officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps.

A witness, who did not identify himself, said the accident happened around 8am.

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He said, “We were all at the bus stop when the truck sped past us. The driver did not even hoot.

“The three men, who wanted to cross the expressway, were only looking at a side of the road. They didn’t know that the truck was fast approaching from the other side.

“The truck crushed them and they died on the spot. It even dragged the body of a man for some distance.

“Another pedestrian, who saw the truck approaching, carried a lady that could have also been hit, off the road. The girl wanted to protest the action until she saw what had happened.”

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A motorcycle rider, identified as Musa, said the driver did not stop the truck after the incident.

“My friends and I chased him to Magboro. When we caught up with him, we beat him up. We were hitting him when the police came to his rescue,” he added.

A community leader in Arepo, Victor Olajide, appealed to the Federal Government to make provision for a pedestrian bridge at the junction, saying a lot of people had died while attempting to cross the expressway.

He said, “This has become a regular thing. I believe the way out is for pedestrian bridges to be constructed at the Arepo, Ibafo, Magboro and Mowe ends of the expressway, where there are settlements, to forestall avoidable loss of lives.”

The FRSC Ogun State Sector Commander, Clement Oladele, confirmed the incident.

He said, “The accident occurred at the Ibadan to Lagos route around 8am. The crash involved an ash coloured Dangote truck, with number plate DTF 118 XA. The truck driver hit three persons, all males, and killed them on the spot.

“The crash was caused by dangerous driving and route violation. The police apprehended the driver and towed away the truck, while an FRSC ambulance conveyed the corpses to the Sagamu Hospital mortuary.”

The Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, also confirmed the incident, saying the driver had been arrested.

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  1. may their gentle souls rest in the bosom of the Lord

  2. may there gently soul rest in perfect peace.

  3. Chai may their soul’s rest in peace. wot a rough drive is that. Because is dangote bet me govt will not do anything Nigeria wake up.

  4. Democracy, but be wise while using it. may their souls rest in peace Amen.

  5. may there gentle soul rest in perfect peace

  6. What a sad news! May their souls rest in perfect peace with the lord Amen.

  7. some people should always think DAT every happening is with a reason and is well planned by God if not he is d only one DAT have d power to stop it from happening but he let it happen for a reason so. the people saying things DAT they ar not spouse to say should pls maintain their words. R.I.P TO THOSE WHO LOOSED THEIR LIVES

    1. it’s your god that have planned this evil, it must be a wicked god, blood sucker. you have to know the true God who is righteous and he merciful abundant in love.

  8. my dear d federal govt will never do anything because its dangote.d talk about corruption and economy.wen d know where d problem is from.dangote drivers have killed hundreds of Nigerians yet nothing has been done.d economy problem of Nigeria is said dangote.if we want d economy to be fixed then fed govt should send dangote on exile.he’s d richest at d detriment of Nigeria.let’s help ourselves. d use him for monopoly.who’s fooling who.how could d road safety issue a drivers licence to driver who can speak nor write English language. may God help us

  9. those died already Hausa’s drivers of Dangote should stop killing people for their spiritual god we know that non of them is driver their big ones are using them Dan iska

  10. may God give their families the heart to bear the curse , and my their soul rest in peace.

  11. may there soul rest in peace….Amen

  12. may there gentle soul rest in perfect peace

  13. it’s a pity,all these drivers
    should be careful

  14. God plzz. grant there heart desire an mey there found peace. in ur hd

  15. wooow soo sad,may there gentle soul rest in perfect peace amen

  16. May their gentle souls rip.

    Pls caution ur drivers…… Like they have now becoming rode killers

  17. may dere soul rest in peace

  18. May their soul rest in peace .Dangote should sack the driver and do something good for the deceased family

  19. What all drivers should be warned, Abeg.

  20. Chaii God Come to our rescue. Rip to them.

  21. the govt will never
    rest if they did nothing to stop this.as for the dead, RIP.

  22. noting will federal government do about it….
    cos dangote is one of them” (RIP to dos victims

  23. may their souls rest in perfect peace Amen

  24. may their souls rest in perfect peace.

  25. pls accept my condolence.

  26. Dangote driver’s are complete killer squad be careful when u see them coming pls

  27. dangote concussion your people please

  28. May their gentle soul rest in peace Amen, pls country people nd Government help us pass this information to Dangote to stop his drivers from taking Tramadol (TM) nd Alcohol when driving so that people Life will nt cute shots pls help us in the name of God.

  29. May their gentle soul rest in perfect peace

    1. the federal government should provide a bridge for pedestrian walking to avoid an accident because life is not for sale and may their soul rest in perfect peace

  30. pls ooo government should pls look into this because is not a small Case, our people is are all in pains

  31. What Dangotes drivers are doing is not right. He and his drivers need to be cautions and question, even dough he is contributing alot to the employment and development of the nation. Dangote you need to know the type of people you employed. Life is not for sale, neither trade by bater, rather, is the most expensive thing in all other.

  32. let the security confirm the driver is not a boko haramist since this is their new method of attack

  33. oh my country people,if not that God cares for his children we would have all died by now just because of man made construction,dangote pls warn all this ur reckless truck drivers to stop getting it in that way

  34. Another dangote kill today in lhiala and four died may their soul rest in peace

  35. itz appalling, pls d bereaved shud take hrt. nd government shud c 2 it dat railway crossing bridge shud b constructed 4 d inhabitants nd make sure dat dere iz safety driving among road users by boosting d morals of FRSC in charging dem 2 doing deir work. R.I.P 4 d deceased.

  36. @sanusi,point of corrections b4 dangote come on board, we are eating in South and employe.if dangote group fold up today pple will eat sand.
    The life of people are more important.
    may there soul rest in peace.

  37. I pray 4dose people died rest in just rest in Jesus peace

  38. na wahoo dis drivers must be trend very we’ll before deriving not to take alcoholic and India ham before deriving pls.

  39. na wahoo did drivers must be trend very we’ll before deriving not to take alcoholic and India ham before deriving pls.

  40. let government make railway work and make dangote to received at terminal station of the railway nationwide, nothing cannot be transport by railway.public private ppp paternership should make traning the articlelad truck.it will reduced road crash of the lorry


  42. may their soul rest in peace

  43. dangote’s truck has killed many people, he should be suspended from bringing in cement or whatever his goods is into our town. no wonder how he take and become one of the richest men in Africa .you shall reap whatever you sow

  44. let our government stop dangote buying trailer or they should find another road for them before masses started to destroyed any dangote motor (dangbese, danwahala, Dan iska

  45. MAY THEIR GENTLE SOUL REST IN PEACE, all this dangote driver purposely killing our people, GOD WILL JURG ALL OF YOU, i’ve never seen or heard that dangote or any big truck has hitting any body in the northern part of nigeria, once more MAY THEIR GENRLE SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE ANEN.

  46. let pray for God government cus its
    only that government that can solve our problem nd bring back those men back to life

  47. may their souls rest in the blossom of the lord.

  48. God will save us from all this big lorry drivers

  49. sanusi please do you give people food to eat and then kill them, what you are trying to say is this because you gave some people job that means their lives belong to you. this problem is not with dangote but the illiterate drivers he employed you know Hausa people do not value lives since they live like animals

  50. may God have mercy on us ,also may there soul rest in peace

  51. may their souls rest in peace

  52. which trained? is not ordinary everytime dangote truck way is it someone should please truth here bikobnu

  53. dangote want to be using blood if not why is his drivers killing every where, what is the fate of those he has killed and their families.

  54. pls i plead with de government to put everything in order so dat peoples life can be save

  55. it’s just the matter of time Nigeria have a brighter future. SO DANGOTE DRIVE’S SHOULD VALUE OTHER PEOPLES LIFE PLS. STOP KILLING D INNOCENT SOULS

  56. those people that is working with this man calling DANGOTE they were so fullish set of people so for this there boss should go 4 fasting and prayer

  57. pls the Government should put a crossing bridge on the express way before our people die again pls.

  58. he can lie that he don’t no about ur death

  59. dangote will taken care of them
    Notting will happened to them dangote he no about their death

  60. dangote must stop his cement business or his head will join the business one day

  61. @sanusi so bcos he gave job to some youths dats y he shud be taking dem one after d other re u alright pls be guided

  62. is not only dangote drivers to be blamed only but also dangote by himself, because he said anything below a million should be match away.

  63. It is a pity, may their gentle souls rest in the bosom of the lord! But I cease this opportunity to warn every driver to be careful when driving.

  64. wen road need it will not be me n you

  65. The drivers do not Obey traffic wardens/police, and do not care for road signs

  66. Mr dangote pls warn your drivers to stop taking alcohol when they are in motion ,Bokharam has getting to stop don’t allow accident to started damaging life’s. pls oooooo

  67. Dangote saved million unemployed ppl in the south that Will have die by now b4 his 1 truck kill 3.

    1. you think right, exactly as expected. Hmmm

  68. Careless driver.
    May their souls rest in peace.

  69. These so called useless Dangote drivers should be given extra-judial killings whenever they kill.

  70. Pls sir help us warn ur drivers or de people dat are working with u should be careful with dere work.

  71. INA lillahi wailihina rojii una may all this soul should rest in peace

  72. God help us from the hands of these trucks drivers

  73. some of the drivers aren’t train. they can’t be killing souls just like that with brakes failed. if that should be their excuse, then the should drive in the night. may the gentle soul of the departure rest in perfect peace. Amen

  74. The Dangote and other companies drivers are following instructions to kill at will and nothing will happen.
    Has anything happened to Dangote drivers since all the killings?

    1. true talk jare, we just need prayers not to be any victims of dem

  75. may god have mercy on us

  76. It’s becoming too much. Government should intervene in this problem.

  77. may the soul of the departed ones rest in peace

  78. Dangote drivers are dangerous to the public. They don’t have regards for other road users.

  79. may the Victims souls rest in peace, but we are using this medium to call on our government to a rise from their slumber against dangote company to give a rules and regulations in driving to their drivers,coz what dangotes drivers are causing is unbearable, pls saves Nigerian souls by cautioning the drivers, dangote,pls take good care of your trailers before putting them on the road, we begged you!

  80. U hardly hear of dangote killing pple in the northern part bt its already a must act fr thm in the eastern n southern part. May there souls rest in peace.

    1. chizoba, but b4 Dangote kill ppl in the south/west how many ppl did he employed/saved from death if he did not employ them by now?

      1. sanusi you must be a fool let him employ the whole of Nigeria. Life is of great importance to God n man talk less of three can u or dangote create one.

  81. na wow this is getting out of hands ,all this big truck should be driving at night to avoid problems.pls enough is enough Biko nu

  82. all these road drivers, majority of them are not trained they should be checked torrol before allowing them to be on the road

  83. dangote ànd coke cola company should be warned mostly dangote and his drivers enough is enough, if not Enugu it will be at Lagos or Ibadan dangote Larry failing break àll the time, their vehicle surmasuliting , felling ontop of humans, it will colliding with bus fill with human and cruising all of them to death Nigerian government should look into this.The average of death caused each yr by dangote Larry and their driver should be check

    1. dangote will stop he business in naija . dagote must kill everyday wy.all the way from Enugu to Lagos he must kill wy. our govement must check that

      1. May God have mercy on us

  84. pls dangote ,sir try to be worned ur.. drives , bec d way they Drive on d road is not good .

  85. May their souls rest in peace. And all this drivers should be very careful.

  86. may their soul rest in peace

  87. federal government should caution dangote and his drivers is two much both in enugu here, oji river is the worst every week dey must kill if have hundred people in Nigeria dangote have killed 40 is not fair

  88. what will happen to the family of the deceased

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