Don Jazzy, Iyabo Ojo, and Taaooma… Here are the top 10 Nigerian TikTok influencers | From The Masterlist

The video-sharing app, TikTok, has slowly become a popular entertainment platform amongst Nigeria’s youths. Researchers and trend watchers have predicted that the app would be taking a sizeable bunch of Instagram’s users. The hilarious, educating, and exciting entertainment content on the platform is what attracts a plethora of users. Such content would not exist without the intellectual juices of its creators. Here’s our curated list of the top Nigerian TikTok accounts:

  1. Don Jazzy: Michael Collins Ajereh, known professionally as Don Jazzy, is one of the most prominent Nigerians on TikTok. In fact, he can be credited for drawing a sizeable amount of Nigerians to the platform. His hilarious and relatable skits have earned him one of the most followed Nigerian celebrity accounts on the app. @donjazzy has managed to amass over 613.2k followers and 1.4 million likes on his TikTok account.
  1. Iyabo Ojo: Iyabo Ojo is another Nigerian celebrity that has mastered and successfully navigated the video-sharing app, TikTok. The Yoruba actress, one of the biggest movies stars in the country, consistently drops hilarious content for her followers. On TikTok, @iyaboojo is also one of the most viewed celebrities with over 3 million likes and 500,000 loyal followers.
  1. Taaooma: Apaokagi Adedoyin Maryam, popularly known as Taaooma is a Nigerian comedian, content creator, cinematographer, and social media influencer. Taaooma has skillfully and quite impressively diversified her platforms of influences. She’s a significant personality on Instagram, Twitter and now on TikTok. Knowing how to curate content suited for a specific platform deftly, Taaooma has gained 712.8k followers on TikTok, and 4.4million likes.
  1. @JenniFrank29: This TikToker expeditiously rose to fame on the platform. Providing content featuring dance routines, pop culture crazes and duets, she was able to gain a massive amount of following that set her apart from other content creators on the platform. Jen has gained over 793.5k followers on TikTok, and 10.3million likes on the platform.
  1. The Twins: With the TikTok handle @Twinzloves, these mischievous set of twins gained popularity by playing pranks on their mother. Moyin and Doyin make up one of TikTok’s most famous twin accounts in Nigeria with over 600.9k followers and 5.4million likes. The twins sometimes incorporate dances and challenges in their videos. 
  1. Abdullahi: The TikTok creator, Abdullahi, is known for his hilarious commentary and reactions to videos. He is seen wearing clear glasses and directly close up with his camera in most of his videos. Abdullahi features in duets and also bases most of his content on other people’s content. With handle @Itsyaboymaina, Abdullahi has amassed over 1 million followers with 33.8million likes.
  1. Ashley: Ashley’s content makes for a relatable and tickling watch. His videos have made him the source of various funny memes.  He uses text also to add creativity to his videos, and he occasionally duets other videos. Known by his handle name @ashleykeno17, he’s amassed over 600,000 followers with 16.1 million likes. 
  1. Victoria Adeyinka: Victoria’s content often depicts the contrast and difference between other mothers and a Nigerian mom. She uses exaggerated humour to communicate this in various contexts hilariously. Her mindblowing feat of garnering over 14 million followers and 539 million likes is quite applaudable and outstanding. She is known commonly by her handle; @victoriaadeyinkaa. Although she’s based outside the country, she boasts of a sizeable Nigerian fanbase.
  1. Aji: Popular content creator, @Aji_Anje, recently rose to the spotlight with her epic slo-mo videos. In fact, she’s credited for pioneering that form of content in the Nigerian creative space. She’s since diversified her content; featuring fashion videos, dance challenges and humorous skits. She’s garnered over 210,000 followers, and 3.4million likes on the platform.
  1. The Imitator: @Gabbie_Tori’s content is so hilarious it would have you bending over from laugh induced stomach pains. The content creator showcases accurate character imitations, accents and a personality like no other. She’s gained over 87,000 followers and 906,000 likes.

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