The Film Blog: 3 comments provide an important minority view on Room 315

We came across these two comments, and as far as minority views go on this debate about plagiarism, they are useful.

There’s this one:

Commodore October 17, 2016 at 2:33 pm
There is no saga. Wana and her cohorts are just being silly. As someone who knows her personally, I find this incredibly disappointing because all she has done is expose her ignorance. If Wana were truly the writer and creative juggernaut she wants to be, she would understand that ideas are a dime a dozen.

Wana wrote a monologue, someone wrote a short film, but somehow, she is SURE she was ripped off because the concepts are similar? What even is the “concept” here? Therapy? All parties involved in this should be ashamed of themselves.

Maybe Wana should have changed the name of her own as well when she found out there was another movie made before hers, with the name “Room 313”. SMH!

And then there’s this one:

Danny Nwauzorma October 18, 2016 at 2:27 am
There is absolutely no need for him to change the name, wait first, what will he change it to, The kolomental room, Where Pana rules the day, have you even read the script, If you haven’t please try and read it, i think it’s still on the blog. ROOM 313 and ROOM 315 is enough difference between these two productions, its not a question of integrity now, it’s a question of what actually is the similarities between these two that warrants for Plagiarism. From what i’ve read for conditions for plagiarism and what I’ve seen from Wana’s YouTube channel, i watched all four episodes to be sure. There was absolutely nothing plagiarized. These are just different views on a particular topic. Wana concept is Patients narrating traumatic experiences. Abosi Concept focuses more on a web of Psychiatric Patients with traumatic experiences in which the Psychiatrist is also a victim. So where is the semblance abeg. Unless you are talking of plagiarism of the name, in which the difference is the 3 and 5, but you no even get right on that one sef cos you didn’t brand the name. I mean ROOM 313 (which i’ve never heard of before in my life) became popular as a result of ROOM 315, because i now had to go to Wana’s Youtube Channel to watch all the boring episodes. I’m seeing this now as an Advert stunt. Well, Wana, you succeeded. I have watched all your episodes. Thanks for the time wasted.

But above all, there’s this one. And, in it we think lies the real danger for Akinmolayan. And this is purely conjectural.

The thing is: If a young, smart guy consciously or unconsciously plagiarized another work, and is now the center of a national social media storm, the chances that he will admit his failure, and the fact of the quite-juvenile disgrace he brought on a benefactor are very small.

Ultimately – this we say, even though we are fans of the Akinmolayan’s work – the person who legally owns the copyright of this will win. But in absence of any legal claims by both parties, Akinmolayan might already have a shaky legal ground, and ultimately (except he can swear with his life for his protege’s integrity) a shaky moral ground.

Here goes:

Me 2 you October 17, 2016 at 11:42 pm
I am a filmmaker, and i know how painful this situation can be for both parties. My question is, does Niyi think this writer will agree he stole her work? He is just like them Dillard in school that copy everything including the name of their source. If I were Niyi I will Change the name, if i were Wana, I’ll censor the name ASAP, then that short film will sink right after production. So many of you don’t understand how loads of peeps have lost their content to many well equipped callous nollywood producers and writers, and the silly thing they say is, just let it Go. African magic knows how many of their purchased work were plagiarized, and how many people have settled out of court. See Wanna if it’s close, sue.. so that peeps will take shit seriously. You will only have a problem if you are one who needs them. As for you Bunmi, you too talk, wait e go soon do you.

Our advise, since one of us is a lawyer: change the bloody name, oga and let this yeye storm clear up. It’s not worth the price you will continue to pay from Twitter’s Outrage Machine (which, as karma would have it, his co-producer Naz Onuzo is incidentally a staunch member of).

It’s not even as if, in Nigeria, this kind of controversy leads to money.

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