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by StyleEYE

Dear Fashionistas, this week YNaija’s StylePolice invades the red carpet at PSquare’s mind-blowing Invasion concert! We have Waje, Muna, and many others. Plus does Naija have it’s very own Willow? Find out!

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This week’s Panel

Onyinye Fafi Obi – Fashion enthusiast & Stylist

Dayo Ephraim – Celebrity Reporter, Hip on TV

Adebayo Oke Lawal – Creative Director of Orange Culture, and an associate founder of Bubaai, a styling company.

Yemi Olowu – Fashion blogger, runway and high fashion expert, and Assistant Editor, Style

Onyinye: I love this look. Crop tops are in this season and she looks absolutely fabulous in it. The shoes make the whole outfit pop.

Bayo: Uhm… NO! Horrid combination, too much going on.

Yemi: She shouldn’t have bothered taking a picture. Honestly speaking, she has no friends. To me, it’s like she’s wearing every trend she has ever heard of. Crop top? Check! Skinny belt? Check! High-waist skirt + stripes? Double check! Cut out platform? Check! At the very least, her hair should have been tied up in a bun.

Dayo: I sincerely find it hard to understand this ensemble. Nonetheless, I imagine her look without that skirt and the see through sequined lace and I see something more trendy and stylish. This is just a mix of everything and it doesn’t work for me. May I add that I love the shoes, though!


Dayo:  This little girl reminds me of a 1993 Ruff ‘n’ Tumble ad. Bless!

Yemi: Where is her mother? She should be dressing her dear daughter in a Barbie doll dress with her own starter Chanel 2.5!

Onyinye: This child is not a rockstar like Willow Smith, so there is absolutely no reason why she should be wearing this.

Bayo: Willow Smith? Not working! Her parents need to be spoken to.


Yemi: I’ve seen ChiDynma look better than this. The dress made her look decades older. It’s best when outfits make you look your age or younger. I would like to see her wear that neck piece on another outfit, it’s so lovely.

Bayo: This look is pretty, but not the most flattering shape for her body type. It’s a well-put-together look, though.

Onyinye:  ChiDynma looks amazing in this black dress. Very minimalist and chic. I love the neckpiece, awesome. Bright coloured pumps would have been preferable.

Dayo: Very simple and chic. Her look works for her and I particularly love how she played with her hair.


Bayo: I love Dolapo so much, but this look is abit too homely (sitting on the couch, watching tv) for an event of such magnitude.

Onyinye: Dolapo Oni scores with this outfit. Very casual chic and appropriate for a concert. 9/10.

Dayo:  I understand it’s a concert and you want to dress down, but at first sight here’s what comes to mind. Could Dolapo have been on her way back from the gym and decided to glam up with accessories and a yellow pant? I believe there’s more that could have been done with her hair to add more life to the ensemble. Then again, the scarf looks really displaced and inappropriate.

Yemi: Something is missing – a jacket would have totally changed the look! Love her shoes, but the get up is unacceptable. I’ve always been a fan of her style, but this time around, I’m disappointed.


Onyinye: Tiwa looks awesome. I love the dress. A bit inappropriate for her age, but she makes it look fun and classy. The Anita Quansah neckpiece gives her extra marks in my style book.

Dayo: Revealing your cleavage and legs at the same time is never safe for a red carpet. Now what’s with the space in between the band on your tummy and the strapped on bustier? Not working for me Tiwa. I like the artistic neck piece; it would have made more impact if there wasn’t too much to look at, all at once.

Yemi: Great piece you’ve got there. But it looks more like a costume to me. On stage – she would have been 100% on point, but on the red carpet, it’s a bad idea.

Bayo: I love the neckpiece; Gorgeous!! I kinda love this look (especially because she’s a performer). It’s playful, but at the same time edgy and still sweet. Go Tiwa.


Dayo:  This is yet another case of simplicity. She should be more playful with her hair next time and wear bolder earrings if she’s going nude with her make up.

Yemi: Really, Muna! A black trench? She lost me. (smh)

Bayo:  Nah! I get what the ever so gorgeous Muna was going for, but it didn’t work. It doesn’t flatter her curves, and the make up and the shoes with the actual look didn’t work!

Onyinye: Black is safe, but Muna looks a bit boring in this trench-like dress. An added pizazz like a statement neckpiece, bangles and even shoes would have been the life of this outfit.


Yemi: Finally, Waje’s got it right. I like the hair trick – people can now see the true beauty she possess. All she needs now is red carpet confidence, which I hope to see on her next outing.

Bayo: Waje looks nice. Love the make up and hair. I’m not exctly a fan of the dress on her – it kinda grabs her mid section in an unflattering manner.

Onyinye: She looks great in this dress. I love the fit and length. Minimal accesories was the right way to go.

Dayo: I must commend Waje for making the right choice with this piece. Obviously smarter looking outfits make her look better and slimmer too. I only wish her hair was styled in a different direction so we could see the beauty of the entire outfit.


Bayo:  Bridget always looks amazing, thus I’m not sure if i’ts the photo, or the piece or just wrong timing – but this look isn’t working for me.

Onyinye:  I love the cut-out piece on Bridget Awosika.

Dayo: First, Bridget looks really exhausted and her hair isnot working at all. I love the creativity on her outfit, could have looked better if the dress was a little shorter. Don’t you think?

Yemi: Jesus! Bridget’s hair. What happened? I love her outfit. Without the black pants, it would have been much better.


Onyinye:  I love this black dress! Awesome fit. Minimal accessories, but the shoes are a bit boring.

Dayo:  Nice little black dress, I’ll tag this, a safe look that can be pulled off by almost every lady. Cute look!

Yemi: Sexy, sexy, sexy! That’s all I see.

Bayo: Simply gorgeous. The dress grabs the right places and her shoes are sexy. Great job.


Dayo: There’s obviously no glam with Ikechukwu’s look. I like the fact that he kept it simple. For next time please tuck in the shirt to reveal a nice looking belt that’s probably make the look more fashionable.

Yemi: The white pants don’t fit. They’re just horrible. A pair of jeans might have saved his life. Better luck next time.

Bayo:  Nothing spectacular.

Onyinye:  This outfit looks safe and mature, but definitely doesn’t fit Ikechukwu.


Best Dressed

Bayo: Tiwa

Yemi: Waje

Dayo: Sarah Ofili

Onyinye: Waje


Worst Dressed

Onyinye and Dayo: The little girl

Yemi: Ikechukwu

Bayo: The girl in the first picture


Photos: Michael Imomoh for YNaija


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  2. The fact that these fashion people never agree on what is right or wrong goes to confirm that the entire fashion thing is just a lie.

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