Habeeb Kolade: Yes, Don Jazzy acted childishly but Wande Coal is the thief here

by Habeeb Kolade


Does it mean that if I work for GLOBACOM for 10 solid years, providing superb strategies that make them pull in massive income, then, I have the right when I am leaving to take along with me, their official car and probably my office desk and stationaries? Hell NO!

There will always be something to talk about in the entertainment industry! If not the unreasonable fights, we always have one or two separations on the cards. D’banj leaves Mo’Hits, Wizkid exits EME, Olamide leaves YBNL, Taiye Taiwo leaves Storm Records, this leaves that, that leaves this and all the brouhaha that surrounds it.

The separation between Wande Coal and Don Jazzy or the MAVIN crew has always been on the cards since the release of KILAJU which was produced by Maleek Berry and on the stables of BlackDiamond Entertainment, an outfit managed by the Mushin born artist. It was further fuelled by the non-appearance of MAVIN on the video of ROTATE and many had quickly signed up with the fact that Wande Coal is either plotting his leave from the one year old media outfit or has already left, though trying to maintain a quitter approach unlike his former Mo’Hits colleague and ace entertainer, D’banj.

But the recent Twitter outburst has created more noise than ever as the song ‘BabyFace’ has generated more attention and produced more listeners than it would ordinary have as a song. First was the release of the song by Wande Coal on his label on November 5th and then just immediately, Don Jazzy put his own up and accused his erstwhile colleague of intellectual property theft as he claimed that the song was his and was stolen by the Black Diamond Entertainment chief.  According to him: “How long will I continue to sweat and some people will choose to steal from me? I am nice and easy going does not mean you should disrespect me”- Don Jazzy

He later followed up with the tweet

“I honestly expected you all to come at me for being childish. But enough is enough. Even if I send my legal team on him you will complain too. I can decide to shut him down with one call, but didn’t. All I ask for is “give me my credit” and nothing else” – Don Jazzy

Without doubt, Don Jazzy is right to an extent! When a man steals from another, the victim has the right to call for help especially when it is not happening for the first time. First it was Rotate, now it is BabyFace and Wande Coal might continue with his sticky hands. Yeah! Don Jazzy was quite childish to wash his dirty linen in the public especially in a world where NOBODY CARES (Ko kan aye). It makes it look more stupid when he decides to add some elements of threat especially given the fact that both artists have works for several years and weathered the storms together and also though, enjoyed the proceeds from their success. As an African man that Don Jazzy definitely is, the first thing, however bad is to settle the case under the roof either with legal assistance or not but as a modern man where contract deals attend to all business relationships, he might not have gone too far. While, if Don Jazzy is right with his claims, a legal attack or ‘a phone call- probably to his lawyer’ might spell doom for WC, it looked quite unreasonable that Don Jazzy will tow the same line that created problems for his initial outfit just a year ago. Our fathers say, it is only a fool that falls in the same pit twice, and more foolish, if its twice in a row.

But cut it! A thief is a thief – no matter what appellation you give to it. That brings us to Wande’s reply

After these years of being loyal to you, I can’t believe that you will ever say this to me and try to bring me down on twitter. You have my phone number, email address and my DM to communicate with me, but you chose the Twitter attention syndrome. I served for ten years. Why are you unhappy with my progress? Is it bad that I kept quiet and moved on with my life? – Wande Coal

LOYAL – 10 years! Eh ehn?! And so what! Does it mean that if I work for Globacom for 10 solid years, providing superb strategies that make them pull in massive income, then, I have the right when I am leaving to take along with me, their official car and probably my office desk and stationeries? Hell NO! Whether Wande has been loyal or not is left for emotional memories! The only thing that can support Wande is if he claims that he has not being paid for the services he has rendered for the past 10 years or that the contract he signed with Don Jazzy’s outfit has not been adhered to. Without that, Wande Coal is the thief here and must be treated so! All attacks on Don Jazzy on his Twitter outburst only have emotional backings! Nothing more!!! He has the right to use his Twitter account any how he pleases and since it is his personal account, has equal right of pouring out his mind, the same way you tell us that your lover broke up with you the previous night or your mother has just told you to go and grind pepper due to ASUU strike. Legally, Don Jazzy has not crossed any line, whether or not we like it unless it is stated in a contract that Don Jazzy will not take to Twitter any of his discontent regarding MAVIN Records!

If from indications, Don Jazzy is the owner of the song and Wande Coal has chosen to produce it without giving due credit to its owner, then that simply puts Wande in the category of history’s worst set of thieves – the intellectual thief who steal people’s ideas and assume ownership! It would have been better if Wande Coal stole Don Jazzy’s tangible property instead! If you don’t know how much a song might worth, you can simply ask K’naan on how much Waving Flag brought him or Tuface, how much African Queen has pulled him off the grounds, or KCee on how much Limpopo revived his career!

While all accusations against Don Jazzy has been purely emotional or have a sentimental flavouring, Wande Coal should be reprimanded for infringements on the rights of Don Jazzy especially since it, according to Don Jazzy, is not the first time!  However, it is in the best of both parties, to settle their disagreements under covers as it definitely, this recent outburst would have a huge effect on their careers, Don Jazzy being likely the worst victim especially in a world where people are gradually phasing out the memories of Mo’Hits Records and with MAVIN records yet to make a resounding statement!


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  1. True talk habeeb, WC shud nt use dat loyalty line again, we are tired ☀̤̣̈̇f hearing it, he was nobody b4 Mohits, please give credit τ̲̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ D̶̲̥̅̊Õ̳͡Й jaazzy if its due.

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