Harmony Levin: Ever Wondered How To Quit Rejection? Here’s How [NEXT]


by Harmony Levin

The first time I faced the sour experience of being rejected was on a hot September afternoon, sometime in 2002 or 2003. The place was Harbour Road, Port Harcourt. School has just resumed after a long vacation and I remember resuming with lush anxiety hovering over me, I really wanted to submit the essay I had written about my very exciting holiday. Eventually, my teacher rejected my essay, she did say that my essay was not modelled after the essays she had taught. My essay was too real, it had so many additions which did not follow her scheme.

That single event still has a major significance in my life because it has made me understand just how naked we are as individuals in the face of rejection. In most cases of rejection, the difficult task at hand is how to pick up oneself and perhaps prove to the situation that you can be better off.

Society has a line-up of expectations from everyone but when last did conforming to society’s expectations ever pay-off – the best victories are recorded after rejections because rejection, to me, has come to mean a propelling force to victory.

Of the many effects of rejection, self-pity seems to be the worst as it makes one wallow in the stream of failure. Its deceitful nature is of no use as it is just the perfect force for failure.

Who doesn’t dread rejection? We all do, how well we get out of the rejection phase is all that matters.

Just to digress a bit. Whoever said you must accept whatever comes your way, rejection inclusive. Our lives is a representation of our beliefs – if you believe in people’s opinion of you then you are cutout to be guided by their own beliefs. Even if that someone is your wife, mother or boss. Just saying!

Inspirational preachers preach it; motivational writers write it – never walk in someone’s shadows, it shields you from the view of many who would otherwise applaud your efforts.

My experience with my teacher on that September afternoon otherwise birthed the writer in me as I went on to write tons of essays which I still hold dear. It may be considered infinitesimal or not even considered in the realm of rejection stories I have heard, some of which triggered this piece, but it proves that in whatever form of rejection the stride for victory should be the next option.

So if in the case of rejection, quit making a fuss over it. Quit making everyone else miserable because of it. Quit feeling sorry for yourself. Quit self-pity. Wear on your victory cloak and prepare for the ride to success. Believe in yourself and the power to change your life. Now is the time to get up and go! Cheers!

Harmony Levin(20) is a writer, speaker and social commentator. An undergraduate student of the University of Uyo, studying History and International studies, a feature writer and editor of Diplomatic Access. A creative director and idea innovator, with high stakes in literature, lifestyle and religion. He is on Twitter as @mactorrr

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