#InCaseYouMissedIt: Federal High court lifts ban on Abalaka’s HIV vaccine

by Panshak Ibrahim


On Friday, 14 November, the Federal High Court, sitting in Makurdi gave a ruling lifting NAFDAC’s ban on the use of Dr. Jeremiah Abalaka’s patented vaccines for the treatment of HIV.

Justice Binta Nyako, who presided over the case, also cautioned the Federal Government and NAFDAC from further interfering with the use of the vaccines.

Abalaka had filed a suit against NAFDAC, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Attorney General of the Federation, for banning him from using the vaccines he discovered in 1999 for the treatment and prevention of HIV.

During his testimony before the court, Abalaka said he discovered a recipe to turn the virus in the infected blood of HIV infected person into both preventive and curative vaccines, and he applied for the patent of the discovery, which was granted on July 22, 1999.

He stated, “I wrote to health institutions and authorities in Nigeria to draw their attention to the discovery to collaborate with me to test and confirm the breakthrough. This was in order to bring succor to sufferers of HIV but the letters were ignored.”

According to Abalaka, the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD) looked into his discovery and confirmed the potency of the drugs.

“This was done through a report on Feb 28, 2000, but the Federal Government discontinued further collaboration with me and the institute.”

He would also reveal that various agencies of federal government, including its hospitals, had purchased the vaccines from him and applied them on their own patients who had HIV and many were cured.

“When the FG discovered that the vaccines were potent, it sent agents to me with the sum of N10million for the breakthrough to be announced in Atlanta Georgia, USA, but I refused.”

Abalaka alleged that his refusal lead to the ban on his vaccines from being used for the treatment of HIV epidemic in Nigeria by NAFDAC.

His counsel, Paul Omale, urged the court to determine whether the defendants had justified their banning the vaccines and “sentence about 3.5 million Nigerians to death” while there was effective and safe vaccines to cure them.

Furthermore, Omale implored the court to determine whether the defendants had shown any harmful side effect of the vaccines.

Counsel to the defendants, Uche Ezekwesili, however, abandoned their plea as he could not call witnesses to justify the ban.

In her judgement, Justice Nyako said since there was no cure yet for HIV, it was only fair for the defendants to have allowed the plaintiff to use the vaccines on infected persons with their consent.

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  1. Yes. After a long time. No lapse indeed.
    Statute barred?

  2. Malicious segregation & ploy to convert & siphon Dr. Abalaka’s efforts, research, intellect & breakthrough was truncated by his alertness.
    Kudos for his alertness.
    What is their intention of offering the said amount, to make announcement of the breakthrough abroad?
    Was their intention to buy him of his efforts & intellect?
    Breakthrough is from God, & not by mans personal efforts & endeavor(s).
    Why would the FGN so belittle its citizens?
    Did the government officials think they are unbendable, durable & can do & undo? With regards only on lapse of time?
    One would be constraint to look at other areas like contributory negligence of the FGN to the enormous deaths which has resulted from truncation of Dr. Abalaka’s good efforts on preservation of lives, & the government’s officials effort to subordinate & reduce the countries levels to mere affiliate of a University abroad.
    What are the intentions of the FGN’s officials, to truncate citizens efforts, to achieve selfish aggrandizement, to cause confusion between the FGN & USA?
    One wonders when a country like Nigeria has assumed an affiliate & subordinate level to a university in the USA.
    Dr. Abalaka complied with all requirements, direction & rules of getting things done by the FGN with reverence to/for the FGN, but he was inhumanly relegated to a nobody.
    The way forward;
    He who comes to equity must come with clean hands.
    Equity does not aid the indolent. Etc.
    From these write up, Dr. Abalaka has been so compliant with all the government’s directions & protocols, & transparent & above board in all his dealings.
    On the government’s part;
    Equity does not aid a volunteer.
    Contributory negligence of the government to foster growth & development of the country & its citizens, may I think be termed voluntary.
    We shall see development, & a way forward.
    So help us God.

  3. Negligence of the Federal Government concerning the Dr. Abalaka matter, has resulted to death of enormous numbers of Nigerians & the world at large.
    These insanity must not continue.
    Repent all you diabolic & aggrandizement seeking officers of the Federal Government.
    Give progress a chance.
    So help us God.

  4. Malicious segregation on Dr. Abalaka. Their ploy is an obvious fact of intention to siphon and converts Dr. Abalaka’s efforts, research & discovery.
    What is their intention of offering him the said amount?
    Why must the announcement of the discovery be made abroad?
    They federal Government discovered the vaccine was potent yet it has no confidence on its citizen(s). What selfish aggrandizement is their target?
    Is the Federal Government aware that millions have did as a result of their negligence?
    Are the officers involved aware that lapse of time & tenure of office offers no protection for diabolic officers?
    Is the Government aware that it does not encourage its citizens in any way?
    Are the Government officers asserting the facts that the can do & undo, untouchable, unbendable & durable?
    How are their current supporters?
    These are questions of facts?
    I can state categorically that the said University where the Federal Government ordered for announcement of the breakthrough is not superior to the government of Nigeria.
    Was the said University an affiliate in the transaction between Dr. Abalaka & the FGN.
    What section dominated the transaction, Minister of Health etc, where they predominantly Southerner Nigerian?
    Where the abhorred directives & calculated intentions to cause confusion between the United States Of America & Nigeria?
    Where the intention to massacre such an enormous number?
    All these intrigues demands critical appraisal.
    We cannot sleep over these injustices, calculated intention to rely whatsoever on lapses, time etc.
    Equity does not aid a volunteer.
    Equity does not aid the indolent. Dr. Abalaka is not indolent.
    He who comes to equity must come with clean hand and live above board. Abalaka is clean & transparent in all his dealings with the government.
    He has high respect for the Government.
    Justices delay is justice denied. Dr. Abalaka must eat from his sweat, efforts & intellect.
    So be it.
    So help us God.

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