Is this why Nigerian men like big – well endowed – women? (WATCH)

by Rachel Ogbu


Battabox goes into the street in Lagos to ask African men what kind of women they like.

“African women are so endowed – both the front and the back!” explains Odunayo Oreyeni, BattaBox presenter. “So we’ll just be asking why they like big women – I hope we’ll get honest answers!”

“I like slim women because I can easily twist them… but the big ones are troublesome because they will twist you!” says one guy.

“I like the big ones!” another  man says. “I love something that can occupy the space!”

The funny replies keep coming:

“I don’t like fat people – because of the smell and odour,” says one guy.
“I’m short now – and short people, we like big things! See that short guy with that big African woman!” says one guy with a big smile. “We like flesh.”

Watch the video here:

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