#YTECH 100

A list of tech companies and techies solving small/big problems with their tech-oriented programmes and starting companies in that light. It celebrates those who have made the most impact in society with their unique solutions.

YNaija Women 100

These are women who trashed patriarchal tenets and actually did what men can also do. These are women who inspire, notwithstanding the gender or generation (young and old). They are the ones who take extraordinary steps.

YNaija Film 100

These are the best ones. The award-winning mostly young individuals who show us what storytelling, through film, looks like. They are individuals in separate fields who bring all the pieces together.

YNaija Media 100

With this, YNaija celebrates mostly young individuals changing society through the media. They use numerous available media tools to inform and educate Nigerians. They are usually the most influential in this field and are the ones who anyone will ordinarily look for when conversations centred on media come up.

YNaija Church 100

With this list, YNaija celebrates the young/old individuals who inspire the world with Christianity as the tool. They use their lives on the altar and off the altar to inspire a generation of people who want to follow Christ, notwithstanding the distractions of the current world. This list includes people who teach people how to follow Christ.

YNaija Politics 100

These are the individuals whose names will remain on our lips as long as politics is the conversation. They are in our faces every other day. They are mostly the ones changing society through politics.

YNaija Music 50

These are the most influential Nigerians in music. They include those who music lovers have talked about all through the year in review. The ones who produced good content (lyrics, music videos, soundtracks, etc) and amassed a larger following than before. They are the music producers, video directors, singers/songwriters, critics…

YNaija Fashion 101

The most powerful individuals in fashion. Models, designers, bloggers, fashion houses, etc.

YNaija Art 99

These are the most influential Nigerians in art. The artworld is quite diverse, but these individuals bring it all together. They help sell Nigerian stories to the world through their art. They are extraordinary in their own light, considering they help us understand the world as it is.

The New Establishment

A list of young individuals under-30 who spent the year in review breaking through boundaries, going about their business in exceptional ways, touching lives with their activities. They are the ones who are not yet out there but are surely doing extraordinary things. YNaija uses the list to introduce them to the world.

The Power Lists

This is the list of the most powerful young Nigerians under-40. Notwithstanding the field or industry, these individuals take extraordinary steps to make things happen.

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