The Media Blog: Soundcity came out swinging with the MVP Awards Festival

We won’t compare them to The Headies. That would be unfair, because they are clearly operating at completely different levels.

But what a show, eh?

Sure, there were issues. The music festival + awards show format still has kinks that need to be worked out. Awkward transitions between performances and awards presentation, absent stars, an at times unresponsive crowd (though, it was a Nigerian audience after all, so we shouldn’t be surprised,) but still, what a show.

The strongest part was definitely the performances. Individually, many of them could have used work (Koker and Tekno might as well have just played their CDs and sat down,) but the best part really was the simple and unencumbered structure of it all. Performance after performance after performance, many of them separated by little more than just a few seconds.

And, of course, the broadcast itself. There aren’t many shows in Nigeria that we can say have aced the live broadcast. Save the AMVCAs, everyone else seems to struggle. The Headies have been at it a decade now and still haven’t quite figured it out, but, again, we’re not comparing. And we’re not just talking picture quality too – the live editing, the sound, all left us wondering how they could have come out of the gates swinging so hard.

But, really, it makes sense. After retiring the Sound City Music Video Awards for so many years, they weren’t going to come back without seriously shaking up the system. And shake up they did.

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