Nonye Ujowundu: Going forward (30 Days, 30 Voices)

I am not saying my life is perfect yet. I just know it is near perfect now.

I have not written a poem in about 8 years now. I’m not even sure why I stopped writing them. To make it worse, I just recently tore my old hand written collection of poems. It’s the only copy I had anywhere in this world, so why did I discard it? I picked it up someday, went through my write ups and suddenly felt they were not good enough. So why haven’t I been able to write another one ever since you’d ask?

It’s the same question I ask myself too.

I think I’m scared that I will never be able to confidently write new ones. I’m 29 now by the way but the ones I tore, I wrote when I was about 17, during my undergrad days .

I recently just quit my banking job of seven years. This is my sixth month outside the bank job and while some people still think I am crazy to dare it, I smile to myself because I know I have become a happier person. I don’t miss the pay check (especially because I have the best husband in the world who is willing to share with me). I would say I love the peace I now have inside my heart. I have longed and searched for this peace for years now.

I am not saying my life is perfect yet. I just know it is near perfect now. I have more time for my husband and son who is not even two yet. I understand my child better. I am trying to get back to what I love doing. Communication has always been my first love, thanks to my Father’s guidance; I would have been stuck with Microbiology like I was in banking.

Now you can say I am living my dream. Even though I do not know what the future holds for me, I know I still have dreams to go back to writing, be a better wife and mother, have a second child, go back to school, and run my own business. Sometimes I have fears my writing will be so bad that no one will want to see or read it. So why don’t I start with writing for myself? Maybe I love making excuses for me and not others.

It’s less than two months to the end of 2012 and I have decided to conquer that fear, which is why I am writing this short piece.

PS: love to all the working mothers out there. You are all great and strong women (especially those with very demanding jobs and those with jobs that they dislike).You all are super women. Forward ever!

Living my life like its golden

Is anyone’s life ever golden?

You wonder aloud

I am as perplexed as you too


I am grateful for the peace within my heart

I am grateful for the life I have, simple or not

I am grateful for the laughter and food

The family and friends around me too


Nonye Ojowundu holds a  Bachelors degree in Mass Communication and a Masters degree in Business Administration. She enjoys travelling, surfing the internet, reading, listening to good music, as well talking with people. She is married with one child.


30 Days 30 Voices series is an opportunity for young Nigerians to share their stories and experiences with other young Nigerians, within our borders and beyond, to inspire and motivate them.


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  1. I know of a woman who quit her job in the bank the day her house maid started teaching her how to rock her child to sleep. She was mortified at how the maid will be the one to raise her child. She is happier now running /restaurant in VI.

    Well done!

  2. You touched me. Bless your soul Nonye

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