Oloyo Ayodele: If I was more trusting… (30 Days, 30 Voices)

by Oloyo Ayodele


The whole texting with Funmi continued and Ola started coming home late – blaming work for this predicament.”

Oh my God! Olawale please darling. My love, you are my everything and you know I won’t hurt you. Olawale please don’t go – for the sake of our kids and I. You promised to be by our side every step of the way. I pulled his shirt but Ola Left. As I tried to console myself, tears rolled down my cheek. What was I gonna do? What will I tell the kids? Should I park my bags and leave? These were my thoughts. My greatest fear had become a reality right before my eyes. How Olawale and I got to this point was what baffled me but it is a story, I am willing to share.

Ola and I met during our final year at Ronik group of schools Victoria Island, Lagos. I have always liked him, he was the senior prefect and I was the senior girl, so we got to spend time together planning school activities. He was very handsome and soon others became envious. We wrote our final exams, and we did very well. Ola and I couldn’t attend the same university because his parents couldn’t afford the luxury of private university. He attended the University of Lagos while I attended Redeemer’s University.

The university was lot different from secondary school. I met several guys and he met several girls, and soon we drifted apart. I was dating a psychology department superstar, who was in 300 level while I was in my first year studying physics. Ola on the other hand was dating a 400 level English department student in his school. We still contacted each other and even updated ourselves concerning our different love lives. I noticed that, no matter how much I liked another guy or how much he loved another girl, we weren’t ready go our separate ways.

Ola and I got back together in our final year; we were tired of trying others, when it was abundantly clear to both of us, that we were meant for each other. And then finally, I was at the alter with the man of my dreams. I can remember the smile on my face and the thoughts going through my mind. I was sure he was heaven sent and no other guy could contend. It was a glamorous day.

Marital life went on smoothly, save the little issues like: Ola not replacing the toilet tissue, his failure to return toothpaste back to it’s proper spot, his apparent inability to keep his belongings neatly. I soon learnt to be content with who I had – accepting him for who he was. Everything was rosy and dandy, until  one faithful day. I saw a text on Ola’s phone from Funmi saying” I love you baby should look nice”. I couldn’t believe my eyes, if I was told Ola will cheat or even see someone else, I would have responded with derision. I confronted Ola but he denied it and that was when I begun to regret my marriage.

The whole texting with Funmi continued and Ola started coming home late – blaming work for this predicament. This continued for about a month and I was loosing my patience. He wasn’t saying anything but my instincts kept telling me he was spending time with this lady. I decided to call him at work one afternoon, pretending to have an emergency at home, so could really confront him. Promising myself to give him no peace until he tells me the truth.

Ola rushed home after my call, only to realise I had told a lie. I confronted him with my carefully garnered evidence, and tried to brow beat him into making a confession, but he would’t say a word. As the tension built, I must have slapped him about two times, but Ola didn’t say a word or do a thing  – so I ran into the kitchen to get a Pistil . I treathened Ola with it but he didn’t give in. I was about to return the pistil when I turned in anger and the pistil’s butt hit  Ola on his forehead – there was blood everywhere. I didn’t know what to do. If I called the doctor I would end up in jail;  If I didn’t, my husband would die.

Ola struggled for his life as he tried to pass me a message. He said to me” Ayomide I love you so much and have always loved you, I will never cheat on you with another woman. I met several girls in the university that convinced me that they were the only ones for  me. Funmi isn’t who you think she is, she is our wedding anniversary planner. I told her to get you your dress and some accessories. This was one my reasons for keeping late nights. I wanted it to be prefect, and  it was nice to watch you get jealous because it proved to me that you weren’t ready to loose me. Ayomide I love you always”. As I tried to pick my phone, Ola gave up. I had killed him over something I wasn’t certain about.



Oloyo Ayodele currently a graduate of Redeemer’s University. She has been writing since she was nine at least .

30 Days, 30 Voices series is an opportunity for young Nigerians from across the world to share their stories and experiences – creating a meeting point where our common humanity is explored.

Op-ed pieces and contributions are the opinions of the writers only and do not represent the opinions of Y!/YNaija.

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