Only 33% of Nigerians ‘pay close attention’ to billboard ads, study finds

According to a new study conducted by Culture Intelligence from RED, it was discovered that most Nigerians (81.8%) believe that billboards are an effective means of advertisements, with many stating that powerful graphics, clever creatives, and readability are the keys to creating a memorable billboard advert. However, more Nigerians stated that they would not be motivated by a billboard ad to buy a product.

In the developing age of digital technology, many have rightly questioned whether or not billboards still perform the job of increasing sales and drawing attention to the brand. Given the high cost and difficulty of erecting a billboard, it is critical to ensure that they are genuinely worthwhile.

According to the research, 48% of Nigerians ‘glance’ at billboards sometimes, 33% ‘pay close attention’ to them, and 12% ‘don’t look at them at all’. Surprisingly, the majority of people (42%) said they would not be more inclined to buy a product if they saw it promoted on a billboard, while just 33% said they would be more likely to. Notably, 24.3% of respondents said it might depend on the content and message of the billboard.

When asked how well they remember billboard advertising, 59.4% of Nigerians stated that they only remember them if they see it several times. Most Nigerians (68.8%) feel that ‘sticky’ visuals are essential for generating memorable advertising. Readability was highlighted by 53.1%, clever creative by 53.1%, message clarity by 50%, and the billboard’s location by 46.9% as the key to a memorable ad. Furthermore, 81.8% of respondents believe that a billboard advertisement is an efficient approach to market a company.

These responses show that billboards are just as effective as, if not more effective than, other forms of advertising. Customers are unable to close or block advertising, which is the major benefit of this form of advertising. Billboards also provide brand exposure and repetition. As seen by the results, repeated exposure ensures that Nigerians remember the adverts. It is also important for a company to create a unique, eye-catching billboard that people can not ignore.

“Billboards or general out-of-home adverts are effective for the top of mind because they are usually huge and catchy,” said media buying strategist, Adzufeh Mse. “If a billboard consistently appears on your normal route, that’s what sticks in your mind. The type of advert a brand places is what makes it effective.”

“It’s always better if a brand has a billboard mounted for a long period. For example, a static billboard should be up for at least three months to achieve maximum effectiveness,” she adds.

In essence, a brand must understand what it is trying to accomplish with the advertising. If a brand wants to raise brand recognition, billboard advertising might be a fantastic method to do so. However, as the Culture Intelligence from RED study indicates, if a company wants to increase sales, it is better to stick to other kinds of advertising.

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