Opinion: St. Janet, the sex monger, it’s time to change your pattern

by Olusegun Banjo

Janet, calling yourself a saint of St. Liqour Cathedral because of commerce is an irony I don’t particularly fancy.

All over the world, sex related matters are hot cake any day.

Nigeria certainly is no exception. In fact it appears that we are more active when it comes to sex (my assumption).

A while ago, just before St Janet crept into relevance, my first experience of her music was through Chief Mrs. Yemisi A… (Itinerant fun loving businesswoman) via a live performance CD that eventually gave her the big break.

When I listened I was stunned by what I heard. Coming from a lady, a Yoruba lady for that matter. I could tell from her name and the transformed hymns that she must be a Christian. Which church? What will be her relationship with God and the congregation after this erotic vibration slips into their ears. I was too stunned to be entertained.

In no time, that live performance CD became a god of most socialites. It was a must for hoteliers, beer parlour owners and some restaurateurs as well as homes and cars of some.

The street acceptance of her lewd lyrics made me concede that it was a ‘foot-in-the-door’ strategy that has worked effectively to grant her instant fame. She has since then recorded an album or two, junket Europe and America, performed at social events and fee paying shows.

She has gotten awards for her courage to dare. She has even performed for government VIPs. She is now connected, with friends in high places selling entertaining sexual repertoires. She is indeed a celebrity now, like her or not.

As 2013 awaits us all (God willing) I’ll appreciate if she considers and embraces re-branding. Indeed she needs to re-strategize; she should realize that what she sells is music not raw sex. If the music is good it will sell.

She should realize that people will get bored listening to the same thing over and again. They have given her ’fair hearing’, she should give them something new before they move on to someone else with something new.

On moral grounds however, she is a wife and a mother. Will she be happy if she caught her child listening to her music? I mean everything she sings is uncensored. It’s only fair for us to expect her to answer in the negative. Do unto others…

So if she answers in the negative is it fair what she has been doing to other kids who virtually know all the letters and notes of her lyrics when it is blared from speakers of beer parlours, hotels and CD and VCD retailers?

It’s her fair contribution or is it exploitation of the decadence of our society? Hmmmm.

Janet, calling yourself a saint of St. Liqour Cathedral because of commerce is an irony I don’t particularly fancy.

You are creative, explore it before your audience thins out. If you think you have them in your grip, ask your senior colleagues who were once raves such as Baba Fryo, Musiliu Haruna Ishola and more recently 9ice. Don’t want to mention names. I no want wahala abeg.

I am not sanctimonious. I do ‘faaji’ in my own little way. My friends can testify. I look into the future and I see that it’s about time you, in 2face’s words, ‘Change ur pattern’.

You have the creative staying power. Get matured so that you will not become old school so soon. I wish you well.

Ire kanka!



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  1. In fact,i cant believe wat she sings with her name!

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