Quacks in Aso Rock? Presidential Villa doctors allegedly misdiagnose Patience Jonathan

Patience Jonathan: Still taking a moment's rest?

by Isi Esene

The confusion which arose over the whereabouts and health condition of the first lady, Patience Jonathan might have been caused by a misdiagnoses of her reported ailment by her physicians in Aso Rock Villa.

Speculation have been rife over a few days on the condition of her health with initial reports indicating she was receiving treatment for food poisoning while various online media later suggested that she had undergone surgery for ruptured appendicitis, a dangerous condition occasioned by a delay in treatment of an inflamed appendix.

It was gathered that the doctors in charge of the first lady’s health in Abuja had been all along treating her for food poisoning when in fact she had suffered a ruptured appendix, a medical condition that could result in septic shock and death.

According to reports, sources at Horst Schmidt Klinik in Germany revealed that the first lady successfully underwent a surgery to remove the ruptured appendix and had been placed on a course of antibiotics to treat a potentially serious infection.

A ruptured appendix which leads to peritonitis correlates with the reported condition of the first lady before she was rushed to the German hospital.

With all indications pointing to the fact that the first lady is receiving medical attention in Germany, her media handlers, led by Ayo Osinlu, still insist that she is out of the country for a moment’s rest and not for medical treatment as the facts suggest.

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  1. Oga Barney na good talk.To start with is there a CT in Aso rock? Even if they have it do they have the competence to interprete it? As you know it is very easy to misdiagnose VIPs.You know how e be for naija.

  2. Barney,u v said it all.They want people to climb iroko tree without a rope.Considering her age,it will be easy to miss d diagnosis clinically just as u explained above.Nigeria,we keep hoping that one day we will make a complete U turn in d right direction.

  3. It's actually very possible to misdiagnose appendicitis for food poisoning or gastroenteritis especially if it is a long inflamed appendix dipping into the pelvis and irritaing the rectum causing diarrhea and in addition to nausea and vomiting which are also clinical symptoms of some food poisoning, ican see why the Aso docs may have missed this life threatening condition. That is why the practice of medicine now in places where human life is taken seriously is evidenced base(EBM). You don't make the diagnosis of appendicitis based on just a history and physical exam, you must get CT scan of the abdomen/pelvis and u cant miss it. Jonathan is lucky, he had all the wealth and resources of Naija at his disposal to send his wife to Germany, what about the several thousands of helpless nigerian men amd women who are misdiagnosed and do not have that kind of money? The end point is certain death. It's not fair. Nigerians should arise and insist to it's so called leaders that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. What qualifies Patience Jonathan to get a chance at life and another woman or man or child on the streets of Lagos, Ilesha, Owerri, benin, Sokoto and maiduguri does not?

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