Rejoinder: No, Christianity is not close to extinction

by Muhammad Shuaibu

We know the religion the then US president belongs to but have never and will never attribute such a crime to his religion. As unapologetically-Muslims and uncompromisingly-Islamic, we demand just that and nothing more.

I received a message on my BlackBerry Messenger through this link: Christianity ‘close to extinction’ in Middle East, and would like to respond accordingly.

It is true that the size of Christian faithful is declining in the Middle East. Arguably so in Europe and US. The list of prominent converts include: Keith Ellison (First Muslim to be elected to the US Congress), Lew Alkindo (retired Basketball player), Christ Jackson (Basketball player), Eric Abidal (Currently soccer player with Bercelona), Nicolas Anelka (French Football player), Kristian Berker (German journalist), Knut Bernstrom (Swedish Ambassador to Venuzuela), Ice Cube (US rapper), Andre Carson (US Congress), Robert Crane (Former Adviser to US President Richard Nixon), Sir Achibald Hamilton (5th British Baronet), Wilfred Hoffman (NATO official), Jermaine Jackson (Michael Jackson’s elder brother), Francois Minou (French Military General), Frank Ribery (French football player), Yvonne Ridley (British Journalist), Cat Stevens (Musicians), Michael Streich (Swiss military instructor), to name but a fraction of a few.

In my opinion two factors are responsible for that. Firstly the number of converts from mostly Christian faith to Islam is on the rise. Secondly the rate of birth within Muslim couples who mostly marry at their prime youthful age is another possible reason. A ‘report’ was mentioned without a source. Typical of arm chair journalism bent on presenting fictions as cardinal truth. The ‘report’ alleged persecution of Christians by militant Islamist (whatever that means). Yet it is a well known facts that such militants are the handiwork and creation of West and US government in particular. (Please check this out a video clip where Hillary Clinton confessed to that effect)

Additionally, Muslims are the largest victims of these US sponsored terrorist act worldwide. What is currently happening in Syrian is the most recent and live instance in which EU nations, US and Israel are supporting the armed insurgents with deadly weapons and at the same time frustrating all efforts at bringing about a peaceful resolution of the crisis. On both sides of the divide Muslims constitute 99.99% of the casualties. Add this to the US criminal activities of assassination drones that kill Muslims on daily basis in Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan, to name but a few.

Whoever commits any act of aggression against fellow human being stands condemned no matter who the victims may be. Take the recent senseless killings that happened and is still happening in US, neither the ‘gunman’ (remember non of the Western media called him a terrorist) nor the victims were Muslims. Yet Muslims all over the world expressed their grief and sympathy even though at that same very moment US drones were and are still killing women and children in Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan. Also the victims of Israeli recent atrocities in Gaza are still leaking their wounds.

We acknowledge the fact that only people short of ideas and logic will have violence as the only means of sorting out differences. As such, a religion that cherish and promotes knowledge like Islam shall never be associated with terrorism. With this assertion a question arise: Why is al-Qaeda and its affiliates who claim to be Muslims are synonymous with bloodshed. Well, anybody that claim to be a Muslim shall never be deMuslimised. But accusing Islam for their crimes is the highest form of unfairness and bigotry.

Those responsible for the first and second World War were never Muslims. And we all know the religion they professed. Yet we do not see such a religion as the brain behind their heinous crime. US government was, and remain, responsible for the genocide using atomic weapon in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In fact, US remain the only nation that ever used nuclear weapons on any living thing-human or otherwise. We know the religion the then US president belongs to but have never and will never attribute such a crime to his religion. As unapologetically-Muslims and uncompromisingly-Islamic, we demand just that and nothing more.

Merry Christmas to all Christian faithful.



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  1. Hey mister, you talk about the christians being responsible for world war and hiroshima and no one gives account to the religion as a cause, but in the case of islamic violence in countries everyone says its because they are Muslims and now the world has tagged the muslims as violent people. May I remind you that the motives of world war and hiroshima had nothing to do with religion, in other words people from different religions suffered from it, but in the case of the middle east and northern Nigeria the people that suffer the most are the christians. So don't come here and try to paint the christians as violent, the truth is that most Islamic violence are due to religious reasons, think about that next time you want to put a post like this

  2. "I will build my church, and the 'gates of hell' shall not prevail against it! JESUS. The Pharisees said it, the Romans did, and more recently the Beatles also. Nothing is farther from the truth!

  3. Wallahi,this writer na mumu,did U.S carry out the wars or whatever they do in the name of religion?but check out your illiterate terrorists,they keep mentioning islam and they also claim that they are fighting for islam.U still got a lot more to do to convince people about the fact that Islam is a religion of peace.

  4. U are yet to answer the question of why al qaeda (or even boko haram) is synonymous with bloodshed

  5. Who cares about this names and figure……daily sumwhere Muslims are equally convertin to d christian faith but we dnt lay emphasis on dat get it to your skull Mr Shaibu.

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