The Sexuality Blog: A tale of 2 lesbian blackmails and the continuous rooting for ‘hate crimes’

When victimhood of a hate crime is raised to the level of being honourable, is it okay for some people to decide that shaming said hate crime to support the innocence of another hate crime is an honourable thing to do? Do I confuse you? Please read on.

Hate crimes are any crimes that are targeted at a person because of hostility or prejudice towards that person’s: disability. race or ethnicity. religion or belief. sexual orientation.

Recently, two females went online to “clear their names” after they believed they were victims of a hateful blackmail and accused of performing homosexual acts with other women. However, they sought their innocence online by being homophobic and shaming the act thereby creating more prejudice and hostility towards people in same-sex relationships (that is another hate crime) to enforce their integrity.

Social media was faced with not one but two lesbian sex tape blackmail situations. In one corner, 20-year-old pageant queen, Chidinma Okeke and in the other corner, rising On Air Personality, Grace Ogbuji. Same lesbianism accusations, same blackmail allegations- they both were brave enough to address the issues in public, they both condemned the act of lesbianism. There was one difference, see, while Ogbuji admits to having a lesbian affair saying she indulged out of curiosity and even though she later regretted it, she wasn’t ashamed of it- Okeke on the other hand, denies ever being sexually involved with another lady and claims the video/photo proofs were just a bad case of photoshop (no one believes that).



          Read their statements:

Ogbuji said: “Way back 2010/2011, I got myself entangled in a lesbo relationship not because I was a lesbian, out of curiosity after reading and seeing pornographic videos/images of girls making out, I just had this deep urge to have a feel of what it’s like.‎ Well, my foolish dream came true when somehow I actually got entangled in what I had always been curious to have. Just this once in my life, a video was made, well it felt good and seem sane to me then. I did. Am not going to lie or claim it was photoshopped, I did something stupid.”

Okeke said: “My attention has been drawn to a concocted photograph/video being circulated in the social media wherein my face was superimposed on an existing picture of persons engaging amorous conduct through the act of photoshopping. This act is perpetrated by hoodlums who are out to get me or tarnish my image and promising career by presenting me in bad light. I am a highly responsible person who was brought up in a family with impeccable reputation. I can therefore not subscribe to such act how much more engage in same.”


I just present the cases but what’s your verdict?

group-of-people-talking-clipart-9c4zjaoceSugabelly says…

Well, what is she going to say? If Nigerians could “photoshop” videos that well, Nollywood actors wouldn’t have to lie they’re collaborating with Hollywood.

The more important point is, who she has sex with is nobody’s business, and nobody has the right to shame her or harass her or threaten her job for the simple fact of having sex. She’s a grown adult, and her sex life is none of our business.

…her sexuality should have no bearing on her job, nor should the fact that she has a sex tape. Nigerian is the headquarters of hypocrites that’s why they won’t let us hear word about this non-story.



To cut the story short, she’s a lesbian. Is the authority being mild on the allegation? Or she’s now on watch. All sort of atrocities emerging these days.

Hadassah Egbedi says:

We are constantly shying away from meaningful conversations around issues that are considered unorthodox so that when a sex tape emerges under questionable circumstances, everyone dons a sanctimonious robe, swiftly proceeding to lambaste the affected subject(s) without asking key questions. Surely, all of Miss Okeke’s critics and bashers have always only led saintly lives. No? The poor girl must be oblivious of the kind of society she lives in, talking about death threats and security, when Nigerians are already asking for her head on a stake, calling for her to be arrested and prosecuted for engaging in lesbianism. As a matter of fact, if the comments made by Nigerians in reaction to the sex tape are anything to go by, Miss Okeke is more likely to be lynched on the street by a righteous mob should she dare step out in the open and be recognised.

Apples says about Obuji:

What’s with people and not minding their business? So after shaming her now what is gonna be your reward???? Nigerians always quick to shame someone! Na wa o!!!


Thanks for being bold enough to own up to your past mistake and sharing your testimony of the place were u are now…am not a lesbian or gay…..but my temptations are many and am confused… I want to be the good Christian guy and be celibate…


Warning! This is an initial soft attempt to introduce homosexuality into your culture.


A lot of Nigerian women are closeted lesbians. Nigerians overdo everything. Unfortunately, we don’t learn the good things.

Beauty queen:

Chidinma Okeke. Sister to sister queen to beauty queen, you fall my hand…make I no lie…..i have no Idea how you got yourself in this mess. I watched the video and ermmm I was startled. I can only say “hope your parent haven’t seen it” .

Mr 47: 

I feel your pain dear. You don’t need to be scared, the Lord is with you and you will triumph. I for one do not have problem with lesbians. Only gay mofo disgust me and they should be killed.

Anonymous said:

Mr 47. Shut up ur stinky gutters. Ode. U preach ur sick selective homophobia with no shame. U hate gay men but have no problem with lesbians. Idiot!
People of Nigeria. Pls shorn all forms of homosexuality. It’s disgusting. Plzz
And for this stupid Mr 47, may u get married to a lesbian who will dump u and marry anoda women. Moron.

Embo Ems, a Facebook user wrote:

“I never wanted to talk about this issue on my wall but this is getting stupid by the day. How can you give an award to a lesbian instead of following the law which states how many years imprisonment she should face.”

So where do we go from here?

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