Still wondering who killed Varere Brume? YNaija Tinsel weekly review – Mar 5TH – 9TH

by Joy Ehonwa

This week sure was loaded! Harriet asked Amaka for an interview in exchange for not airing Mrs. Etuk’s recording. According to her, the recording was more sensational but she wanted to give Amaka a chance to tell her own side of the story instead which led to Amaka threatening to slap her with a lawsuit.

Amaka’s lawyer Eddy, on the other hand, advised that it would be better for Amaka to avoid expensive and time-consuming litigation by clearing the air once-for-all and telling her own story instead, adding that they could have Harriet sign an undertaking and even demand that questions be pre-approved. Why let Mrs. Etuk win and control her life for the next few months or years, when she could just say a few sentences herself and be done with it? But Amaka wouldn’t be Amaka if she didn’t dig her feet in the ground and insist on doing it her own way.

She went to see the CEO of the Station, who unfortunately for her, turned out to be Harriet’s boyfriend. Even when he, after some consideration, told Amaka that they wouldn’t be airing the tape, and asked for the interview as a favour, she still refused. Then, in typical Amaka fashion, she picked up her phone and offered an exclusive interview to Harriet’s rival, Peju of The Juice.

We thought Amaka’s stubbornness was the worst thing ever, but boy were we wrong.

Detective Sankey found out from the waiters at Ziggy’s that someone tried to move the car before Varere’s body was discovered. It didn’t take her long to find out that the person who called the moving company was one Cyprian Akah, or that the call was made from Titi Kagbesioye’s home phone. Still wondering who killed Varere Brume? Not in our wildest dreams did poor Dan Ade-Williams cross our minds. It was a shock to see him confess to killing Varere, albeit unintentionally and in self-defence.

Telema and Kwame got married and neither Tare nor Eneh attended- just Bimpe and some strangers. Telema asked to be allowed to sleep in a separate room for a while. She insisted she wasn’t reneging on her promise to be a proper wife, but we bet by the time she finds out that Soji won’t be charged with murder she’ll be singing a very different tune. Good thing the marriage hasn’t been consummated. A simple annulment would be in order- if Kwame will let go of his prize, that is.

Phillip found out that Sheila saw a divorce lawyer, and naturally he went home to insult her. Sheila fired her lawyer for not being more discreet, and when Fred met her at Amaka’s house, she told him she was considering a divorce.

She was drowning her sorrows in drink when Phillip came in and in her drunken state, she told him about Laide’s pregnancy. Phillip was stunned, and asked for the bottle for himself. We don’t know if it was guilt about being so hard on Sheila for wanting a divorce when he really didn’t know what she was going through, or if it was just the alcohol, but Phillip shocked us. He told Sheila, “I’ll deny ever saying this to you tomorrow, but you’ve been good to my father; maybe even good for him.” And then, in undoubtedly the most jaw-dropping twist we’ve seen from the show in a long while, he kissed her.

See you next week!

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  1. Nooooooo, Philip kissed Sheila?????? OMGeeee, and i was so rooting for him and Angela 🙁

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