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April 7, 2014

Perry Brimah: So Government took N1 billion from unemployed youth and gave N11 billion to the auto cabal

by Perry Brimah What are the terms of this loan to the auto cabal, if that is what it is? ...

April 5, 2014

Perry Brimah: Please do not celebrate my death

by Perry Brimah I scoured comments on the news sites and facebook pages and was delivered to a state of ...

April 4, 2014

Opinion: Nigeria’s critics in the diaspora are a pretentious horde

by Frederick Nwabufor Some of the Nigerians abroad in this abashing category are Okey Ndibe, Pius Adesanmi, Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo ...

March 30, 2014

Perry Brimah: Grazing reserves – My advice to the South east Chairman of CAN

by Perry Brimah You do not have the legal or moral right to simply deny these elements of our society, ...

March 27, 2014

Perry Brimah: Nigeria – How many more must die?

by Perry Brimah Hundreds in Borno, hundreds in Yobe, hundreds in Kaduna, hundreds in Katsina, hundreds in Adamawa. No less ...

March 26, 2014

Perry Brimah: Northern Nigeria is under the siege of terrorists

by Perry Brimah Is there top level government involvement in the terror operations decimating the north which is permitting such ...

March 25, 2014

Perry Brimah: Immigration scam – If I were President Jonathan

by Perry Brimah I will immediately return the looted $20 billion which will all be invested in massive job creation. ...

March 24, 2014

Perry Brimah: 10 real tips to becoming a billionaire like Dangote

by Perry Brimah The Dangote business model some are understudying can never make a penny outside Africa. Check his money ...

March 23, 2014

Perry Brimah: The Turkey arms to Nigeria terrorists mess

by Perry Brimah Does Nigeria act appropriately when arms are smuggled or cargoed into and through its borders? Is there ...

March 22, 2014

Perry Brimah: Does President Jonathan hate the North?

by Perry Brimah This Northophobia is evident in the widely commented about failure of the President to visit the terrorized ...

March 20, 2014

Perry Brimah: This Nigerian leadership is just cursed

by Perry Brimah You know it. I know it. This government is cursed. They have offended the Protector. They have ...

March 19, 2014

Perry Brimah: #OccupyEverything – The Nigerian government has lost its legitimacy

by Perry Brimah For Diezani-NNPC’s robbery, we ask for their head. For ASUU and ASUP protracted strikes, we ask for ...

March 17, 2014

Perry Brimah: Now that the government steals from unemployed youths

by Perry Brimah Apart from the process of inviting all millions of candidates on the same day, being criminally ludicrous; ...

March 11, 2014

Perry Brimah: The long history of fighting between Hausas and Igbos

by Perry Brimah You read Hausa handles call Igbo’s ‘baby factory products,’ ‘wife-killers,’ ‘armed robbers,’ ‘traitors,’ and the like and ...

February 18, 2014

Perry Brimah: The kerosene subsidy scam and the Boko Haram massacres

by Peregrino Brimah Nigeria is officially under a terrorist government so long as the Goodluck Jonathan administration protects these terror ...

February 13, 2014

Perry Brimah: As 2015 elections approach, Jonathan proves critics right

by Peregrino Brimah The Jonathan administration had to appear as if it is searching for the putrid, decaying carcass in ...

February 12, 2014

Perry Brimah: When Dangote comes for your land

by Peregrino Brimah Call us haters of the wealthy? We do not hate the rich… well, not any more than ...

February 8, 2014

Perry Brimah: Cabalization of PHCN has led to exorbitant electricity bills for Nigerians

by Peregrino Brimah Privatization only works where the bidding process is open and transparent, where there is no prior exorbitant ...

February 3, 2014

Opinion: 168 million Nigerians are on the infamous sniper list

by Peregrino Brimah Many at the top of this list have died of things you didn’t know could kill, like ...

February 1, 2014

Perry Brimah: The cause and effect of Compulsive Stealing Syndrome in Nigeria

by Peregrino Brimah The CSS who have now entered regular society are very ambitious. They seek top jobs, not for ...

January 30, 2014

Perry Brimah: Is there no way to stop this Boko Haram madness?

by Peregrino Brimah Are Boko Haram sponsors ghosts? Did the politician sponsors Goodluck Jonathan, the president of Nigeria, Nobel laureate ...

January 27, 2014

Perry Brimah: 2015 – Jonathan’s covenant with Nigerians

by Perry Brimah Mr. President has not come out to declare he will violate his word and break his covenant. ...

January 24, 2014

Perry Brimah: 13 reasons why Aliyu Gusau should not be Defense Minister

by Perry Brimah Aliyu Mohammed Gusau is a Spy, according to several WikiLeaks cables. There is tons of embarrassing information ...

January 22, 2014

Perry Brimah: World superpowers ignore HIV epidemic among blacks, especially homosexual men

by Perry Brimah For reasons yet unexplained fully by epidemiologists and social scientists, Blacks are disproportionally at greatest risk of ...

January 21, 2014

Perry Brimah: My goodness, not Aliyu Gusau again!

by Perry Brimah  Aliyu Mohammed Gusau is a die-hard to occupy the top position. He apparently was at that table ...

January 19, 2014

Perry Brimah: Opponents of the anti-gay law are enemies of democracy

by Perry Brimah If Nigerians seriously opposed this anti-gay bill, we should likewise have moved forward firmly and strongly against ...

January 13, 2014

Perry Brimah: What is good for Sanusi is good for Jonathan

by Perry Brimah Sanusi gave me his word, Mr. President. He will resign after you and your coterie do the ...

January 10, 2014

Perry Brimah: No jobs? The machines have taken them over

by Perregrino Brimah It is the machines; the blessing of advancing technology, creating a race of gadgets that are surely ...

January 6, 2014

Perry Brimah: 100 interesting facts you should know about Nigeria

by Dr. Perry Brimah Not really a northern caucus, but it was late M. K. O. Abiola that orchestrated and ...

December 26, 2013

Opinion: Our President took all the Christmas toys and left us with none

by Perry Brimah While the army at war stays up at night afraid that Boko Haram terrorists will sweep their ...

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