10 things you SHOULD know about Oby Ezekwesili’s speech at the APC National summit

by Ayokunle Odekunle


Obiageli Ezekwesili was invited by the APC to deliver the keynote speech at the summit which held on March 6, 2014 in Abuja. The party faithfuls probably thought ‘Aunty Oby’ would spare  them but she did the exact opposite.

Here are ten of the highlights of her interesting and surprising speech:

“You asked me to speak, you will have to bear with me…” @obyezeks to APC chiefs #ANewNigeria

“It was a party for the elite. You all went; don’t behave like you didn’t go.” @obyezeks to APC chiefs, on Centenary Awards #ANewNigeria

Your gathering has to be a conversation deeper than how you’re going to chase PDP out of power, says @obyezeks #ANewNigeria

“Doing the migratory dance between one set of acronyms and another does not solve the problem” – @obyezeks #ANewNigeria. Oby dissing the migrating Governors

Political parties have been part of the problem of elite failure. #Nigeria has never had real political parties, says @obyezeks #ANewNigeria

“If you are here and you have ever benefitted from BH killings, judgement awaits you!” – @obyezeks. | And folks shouted AMEN! #APCSummit

“The young ones you thought you knew are no longer the same. They now hold leaders to the highest level of accountability” – Oby #APCSummit

“The leadership that will serve above self is NOT yet in your party manifesto” – @obyezeks tells them at #APCSummit #ANewNigeria

“Structural problems require structural solutions. Changing acronyms don’t solve the problem” – @obyezeks #APCNationalSummit

‘Some of you went to collect the centenary award. But if the truth be told, we are no where near celebrating’ – @obyezeks #APCSummit



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Comments (7)

  1. A woman of substance. No any other person could have said it better and sincerely.
    Thanks,Oby a courageous woman(man?)

  2. Are Leaders & Citizens ready for a real CHANGE as highlighted in her speech; Oby, Pls don't give up d courageous fight for a better Nigeria. Am sure posterity will vindicate Nigerians of yr like minds!

  3. Her statement amuses me, and i am not in any way surprised at the truth she laid bare at this very summit. She is someone i respect so much. I am happy she exited the stage after serving then as a minister if not she would have lost her voice to say things as they appear. How i wish Prof. Dora had exited when the ovation was high and not taken that information ministry appointment, she could have been another strong voice.

  4. if these things were actually said at the summit then we have a fearless leader who can tell you to your face who you really are, and that's the truth. although i disagree that we do not need to celebrate, since we calculated and agreed that we are only(100yrs) old then we need to . But i also disagree that we are 100and you know why. we have existed Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong before then.

  5. Before now, I had never known this woman, and I doubt that has changed, also, I doubt if anyone, but her father( who I am certain would have wondered why she didn't come as a man child, recognizing the courage she must have manifested in childhood) and her husband ( who must have seen her strength and her sincerity) really know enough about her to make honest and precise assessment.
    But today, I have seen all I need to know about DR. Oby Ezekwesili( emphasis on ALL pls) and madam, you have just taken on a new intern, a disciple, and to tell you the truth I will go anywhere with you, and for you.
    Today, for the first time in my life I saw a Nigerian like no other, willing to be ostracized for the things she believed, I saw a woman become larger than a million men, I saw with my own two eyes( ooo God bless God for the gift of sight) truth standing in the midst of darkness, I saw the power of the spoken word, I saw!, my friends, is saw!!!!
    DR. Ezekwesili, champion by no mean feat, the unspoken dilemma WE, the actual WE, the people of Nigeria have kept bottled up, because we just couldn't find bestowed on us an avenue to spill, and when we did, it was always for the wrong audience.
    She said it all, and more. Oooh, and when she said, the youths of these nation has asked her to tell them, I ekewaoluwole owned the very words with her, she voiced every single pain in my heart, and did she brush them down. God bless the day you were made, madam, God bless the loins you came from, and the womb that carried you. Even if they ( and I'm sure it's not a function of EVEN) didn't understand nor hear you, I did. Every single thing you said . I heard you ma, character, competence and capacity. O, did I hear you.
    Once again, on behalf of Me and Mine, God bless you and everything that is called by your name. I always knew God will send someone, and as always, he has a way of making them come from direction no one man could have fanthomed. To belong to the same country as you ma, is an honour, I remain humbled by your sincerity……..

  6. Oby and Fashola for Aso Rock…. Did i hear Amen!!?

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