The Anger Tracker: We should all shut up and work hard

by Mark Anthony Osuchukwu

First it was 9ice. Now its Humblesmith.

I don’t know who will be the next person to dive into this bandwagon that is fueled by not knowing what you want in life.

Motivational speakers should be held responsible for this civil madness. They will flood your thinking faculty with how you can make Nigeria to be a world power and all that crap without letting you know that you are your own motivation. That’s why many people say things that they can’t achieve because one person with coat and fried hair told you; if Bill Gates can get there, you will surpass him.

Scratch that.

Years ago, 9ice was carried away with his present success and he ran into the studio and promised us a Grammy. Yes, promise and fail is a Nigerian character but we shouldn’t over look it.

After that song, his career was gently sliding down a grease pole to nothingness until he ‘left’ music for a while and tried politics.

Listen, nothing that is success comes by making mouth. Be quiet and clear our doubts. Surprise us with success.

I don’t think that after the Grammy song he won any other award. If he did, good and fine but he would have shut his mouth and worked until the Grammy comes or doesn’t come.

This is a clear case of a guy promising a girl orgasm and at the end of the day he couldn’t get her moist.

However, when we thought we’ve seen it all, Humblesmith woke up from sleep and said he wants to break Michael Jackson’s record.

That is his business actually. He is yet to break his own record and he’s talking about Michael Jackson. I won’t be surprised if a motivational speaker has told him, “aim for the stars and maybe you’ll reach the moon”

This is the same problem

Shut the hell up and work hard.

Bill Gates didn’t tell anybody he wants to break anybody’s record

Mark Zuckerberg didn’t want to break anybody’s record.

Linda Ikeji didn’t say she wants to break anybody’s record.

Basketmouth didn’t say he wants to break anybody’s record.

Do you know why?

Because they are record setters. They worked to be records and not to be breakers. That’s what you become when you resist that nagging urge from your village to say nonsense.

That’s what people refuse to understand really.

How can Humblesmith shed his humility entirely to talk about breaking Michael’s record? I am stunned really. Someone that should keep quiet before he becomes a reminder that Sky B was once a musician.


Not everybody can be like Jesus who said that after his body is destroyed he’ll build it back in three days.

He still surprised everyone by coming back.

There’s this quote I see flying around the internet. It says: “I will work in silence and let my Lamborghini make noise”

That’s how it should be. But 9ice and Humblesmith are making noise because a Lamborghini will not come!

To everybody working hard out there, please, the universe is taking the names of noise makers.

Remember that you are a record. Work towards it and when your village people wants you to come on Instagram or Twitter to say nonsense, sit down and listen to Kendrick Lamar – be humble!

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  • Samuel says:

    Humility is a divine law. A spiritual friend told me that only God owns the right to be proud and he’s not that proud as some human.. Lols

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