The Activism Blog: Here you go, Paradigm Initiative’s very useful report on Broadband in Nigeria 

Why broadband is important?

Broadband Internet refers to an Internet experience at speeds higher than obtainable in dial-up services. All over the world, Broadband Internet delivers the high-speed communications which drive the rapid transfer of data for applications in media, healthcare, government services, education, amongst others. Broadband is now widely accepted to be an enabler of economic growth and development – a World Bank report finding that a 10% increase in broadband penetration yields an additional 1.38% increase in GDP growth for low to middle-income countries.

The Nigerian Broadband Plan 2013-2018 defines broadband in the Nigerian context as “an internet experience where the user can access the most demanding content in real time at a minimum speed of 1.5 Mbit/s”, expected to spur the growth of Nigeria’s digital economy. Thus, Nigeria’s broadband plan, coming shortly after a decade of the deployment of mobile telephony in Nigeria, was a strategic document designed to accelerate development in the Telecommunications sector and bring the developmental impact of Broadband Internet access to all Nigerians.

Download the rest of the report here:

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