TICKER: Oprah’s step-mom is divorcing her dad but still wants Oprah to pay for her house. Should she? Join the debate

Oprah Winfrey’s step mother is reported to be furious with the queen of media because a company that is registered in Oprah Winfrey’s name is about to evict her step-sister from the home she lives in.

Barbara Winfrey is reported to be divorcing Oprah’s father but wants her daughter to continue to live in a home that is being paid for by Oprah while she also lives in a mansion being paid for by Oprah.

It seems reasonable that if Barbara Winfrey married a billionaire’s father and the queen of talk is making sure that her father is living well, that Babs can expect to also enjoy the privileges being extended to her husband. It does, however become a little tricky when a divorce happens as in the case of Oprah’s father, Vernon Winfrey and her step-mother Barbara.

We asked our readers, on our Facebook Page, the following question: “If you marry into a family that has wealth and fame and enjoy the lifestyle, when you divorce, should you still expect the luxurious lifestyle?”

The answers are below:

“No. She’s unreasonable”

“Oprah has no claim to this woman.. she should get what she normally would from the divorce.. not have a dime of Oprah’s money!! but what is supposed to come from her husband if its alimony.. then its alimony.. not get money because he is Oprah’s father”


“If they are divorcing due his infidelity or abuse…then yes…otherwise…Absolutely not!!!”

“It’s Oprah’s money not her fathers, the step mother is entitled to his assets, not Oprah’s.”

“h**l no! She didn’t marry Oprah, she married Oprah’s dad, nut! What she receives in spousal support should be based on his salary only. Old gold digger!”

“h**l no she shouldn’t continue to be supported!! But knowing how the court system is, she probably will be.”

“I don’t know much about the situation…BUT, I do NOT feel that Soon- to-NOT-Be-Mrs. Winfrey is ENTITLED to anything more than alimony, IF any is allowed by their state!! Marrying INTO fame and fortune should NOT afford her lifetime financial support if the  relationship ends in divorce……UNLESS something to that effect was written into some kind of pre-nup. So NO, I do NOT agree with her. Unfortunately, she probably fears the LACK OF FUNDS to continue in the life to which she’s become accustomed, but OH WELL!!”

“In Sophia’s best voice. h**l Naw!!!!!!”

“I believe she should be entitled to alimony but nothing more, especially if & when the source of financial support rests on someone who wasn’t IN the marriage per se! IJS”

“Come on….you want out…then that includes the fame and fortune too….I mean she’s entitled to his money….but not Oprah’s money. How can she want, “them” to support her, and not “him”…. She did not marry Oprah…she married her dad. The nerve of people to think they deserve things that are not due to them. She should have been smart and saved some of that fortune and fame, for a rainy day.”

“Law states (if she wins) have to keep in the life style she’s accustom.”

“This is ridiculous, at any time Oprah can choose to stop supporting even her Dad so why would she be responsible for his EX-wife. Greed will get you in the end.”

– NaturallyMoi

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  1. shows how ridiculous some people can be.

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