#UltimateLoveNG: Chris claims to be able to hear the voice of God

When a relationship or friendship turns sour, it can create one of the most bitter and ugly rivalries one can ever experience. Such is the case for Presh and Chris.

As humans, it is of utmost importance that as we let people into our lives, we take into consideration if the said person’s character is compatible with ours- an exercise that is all too overlooked. Now, not reasoning on the same wave length with someone doesn’t necessarily denote animosity. In fact, on rare occasions it can create an interesting relationship but most times it doesn’t. This anomaly can end up creating a complex situation where you either have to put up with a friendship you loathe or be the bad guy and break the relationship entirely. In her relationship with Presh, Chris decided to go with the later.

It’s unclear when, who or what sparked this beef but we do know that, in one minute Presh and Chris were totally cool, best of friends even; and by the next minute they were not. The relationship between these two gossip buddies suddenly turned sour and they are yet to give a solid reason why.

For the past week, Chris has made it clear to anyone willing to listen, that she wants nothing to do with Presh and Nkechi. Now that Nkechi has been checked out, that wouldn’t be a problem anymore, which leaves Presh. Chris seems to harbor so much resentment towards Presh that has become borderline deluded.

On Monday morning, Chris and her partner; Ville were having a discussion when Chris suddenly revealed to Ville that God spoke to her about Presh. According to Chris; “God said I should stay away from Presh. She has an evil heart.” And all Ville could do was nod and take sides with his lady.

How Chris, Presh and Nkechi went from being teased as the three witches of the West by Theresa, to one of them claiming that God is endorsing their beef, is anyone’s guess at this point because it’s a little too hard to fathom that this is all as a result of just nominations.

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