How is Will Smith getting the internet “flipped-turned upside down” in 2017?

This is a story about how Will Smith almost turned the life of the internet upside down in the millisecond of an adventurous pose. But first, a little bit of background.

If by now, you have not come to the realisation that this post is heavily related to the 90’s American sitcom, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, you probably should be busy sorting out your secondary school homework and not reading this. Yet since you are already here, ou should know that the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was probably the freshest African-American sitcom of the 90’s and your favourite 48-year-old hunk, Will Smith was the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Critically acclaimed, funny as heck and loved by almost every human.

Will Smith played a teenage version of himself from West Philadelphia where he’d been “born and raised” but had to leave because he got into some trouble fighting. His mum didn’t want that so she bundled him off to live with his richer Uncle and Aunty and their kids in Bel Air.

No one will ever forget the hilarity that went down in Bel Air on every episode of the show while it ran and it wasn’t Wil alone who made sure of this. There was also his uncle Philip Banks, played by James Avery. Actually, it was all the characters and as it always happens, the world was heartbroken after all 6 seasons of Fresh Prince were done.

Also, as it always happens, people started to ask for a reunion of all cast members for a comeback of sorts. The calls for a reunion were renewed in 2013 when James Avery died but still the living cast members assured us there was no such thing. According to Will Smith, there’ll be a reunion “when hell freezes over”.

However, you know the people of the world. We always find a way to be persistent.

Recently, Will crossed off one of the adventurous things on his bucket list – bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge and over the Zambezi river in Zimbabwe. Cool stuff! He vlogged about it and shared the clip the other day.

How this managed to renew the “feels” for a Fresh Prince reunion is what Nigerians will say “we don’t understand”. But apparently, Will managed to capture himself looking like Uncle Phil (James Avery) at some point in the video and someone pin pointed this with a screenshot of course. And now, the internet cannot deal.

It doesn’t help that Will is now about as old as James Avery was at the start of Fresh Prince in 1990; James was 45 and Will is now 48.

The internet won’t stop talking about it and an honest holiday adventure has now turned into the story of how Will has become an Uncle Phil. Or was it Will’s will?

Now, even we have bitten the fresh bug.


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