With “strong women” solidly behind her, Cee-C will win #BBNaija Double Wahala

Yaaay!!! Guess you are excited Big Brother Naija is coming to an end. Or on the other hand, would you say you are not? For different reason(s), including 2019 (Election Year), you should.

What’s more, indeed, you ought to be astonished that ‘a few housemates’ are still in the house ahead of others like Lolu, Ifuenada, BamBam and… Okay, include the rest yourself.

Yet, we are past that now. The show has truly reached an end (only a couple of days left), and anything the housemates do now might be interpreted as mere desire to garner pity votes.

In view of polls

We can’t deny the way that Miracle has been nominated for a larger number of times than nearly everybody that has been in the house, nonetheless, we should likewise concede that the support for Miracle has been massive. Interestingly, whenever he is nominated, he gets a large portion of the votes in favour of housemates that will be kept in the house.

What ‘pay off’ (not actually) Miracle has given to Big Brother – including viewers and fans – has clearly been sufficient for him to win the N45 million on Sunday.

Everywhere on social media, we see the name of Miracle and even celebrities have demonstrated their support for the pilot, who is clearly now riding to the end like Efe did last year. Despite the fact that he isn’t utilising pity to win, he is ‘working’ his way through.

In light of preferences

In the event that you as of now trust that Miracle has won this Big Brother Naija, it may intrigue you to realise that Cee-C is still particularly in the house and she is a solid contender.

Disregard her talked about witchcraft and a lousy attitude (most recently, her ‘lies‘) and considering the fact that people have double standards, Cee-C may win the N45 million; which will without a doubt be a profound upset for Miracle’s fans.

Ostensibly, the thought, since her alienated relationship with Tobi, has been that she is a strong lady and has, under different circumstances, demonstrated that she merits the huge win.

See some reactions:

The love for Cee-C has been massive too and her recent attack on Tobi’s personality might have led some followers away (she has now apologised); yet, we all know how some fans will say her “anger was triggered by Tobi’s comments”.

By that, advocates of women – who say women should not be called “Other” – will try to explain that men say a lot about women and get away with it. In other words, Cee-C is just a product of that societal dysfunction and she reacted to it.

Still in view of preferences

It is safe to say that from the starting point of the show, Tobi, the physically-looking alpha male (keep in mind he is a gossip and quite emotional) has received more accolades than Miracle’s fans can bear. Rather unfortunately, the fans from the two sides have, under different circumstances, flung unforgiving words at each other on social media. But that is a different discussion.

Yet, he seems quite a happy person and party-like. He has acted as a comforter for the emotionally-broken in the house and Alex is enjoying their time together as the show ends. Some would say he is the MAN!

Aside from that, his countenance in the house has shown that he could do quite well after the show and might get some of those endorsements that he needs to climb up the ladder.

What some people feel about Tobi:

Surprise housemates

If you watch Big Brother Naija closely, you will notice the ‘kind of things’ we celebrate in Nigeria. More explicitly, how Nina and Alex are still in the house should interest anyone.

Nothing much has been said about Nina, apart from the fact that she is just living through the times with the influence of Miracle.

Before now, she is known to be a regular complainant with the anthem: “I am the youngest here and the other housemates always want to manipulate me” – most likely one of the reasons fans/viewers/voters have thrown their weight behind her.

As for Alex the ‘relationship breaker’, see brief evidence here, unless there is something amiss here, has only remained a housemate because she has been in Tobi’s clique and the apparent love for Tobi was spread to her.

Although, she can be conceived as a free-spirited woman and does not see ‘fighting’ as a means to an end. Her apology to Cee-C might be a relevant evidence.

In the light of the above, this is how it will play out:

  1. Cee-C
  2. Miracle
  3. Tobi
  4. Alex
  5. Nina

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