WritersSpeakPoetry: Is beautiful hair, beautiful her?








When babies are about a year old, their hair is shaved
The excuse they need fresh growth to have fine hair
For the female child, the hair is usually left until after her first birthday
Cos’ it must be styled for that special day

“Beauty??? Who defines beauty for me”




As she grows, the hair is placed under a hurricane of chemical treatments and multiple styling
Because her mother wants to hear her daughter called cute or beautiful
Daughter then she grows believing that all that pulling and scraping of her scalp is necessary to be called beautiful
After all, she’s heard countless times that the hair is the symbol of a woman’s beauty



Research shows that the average woman will spend about 2 years in her lifetime caring for her hair
Cutting, washing, styling, trimming, dyeing, attaching extensions, removing them again, you know the list
Every salon visit must be accompanied by compliments or she feels un beautiful
Men are even warned to complement all such visits as soon as she walks through the door
Whether they see the hair or not, whether she changes the hairstyle or not
She must be called beautiful



Beauty??? Who defines beauty for me?
Celebrities who don’t feel beautiful themselves?
Or hair stylists who tell every customer she is beautiful?
Or TV adverts calling me beautiful only after I buy and use their product?



What makes me beautiful?
I am beautiful not because of how much time I invest in my hair
But because of how much time I invest in my head
I am beautiful not because of how many compliments I receive on my hair
But because of how much confidence I exude in my God



I am beautiful, the one who created me made me beautiful
Beauty for me is ‘Being Exceptional At my Unique Talent
It is Basking in Eternal Approval Unveiling the True You
Beauty is Being Elegant Always Unique To You
Beauty is reflecting God’s glory
Beauty is purpose in action
Beauty is Me



My hair may signal I’m feminine
But my femininity is in fulfilling destiny
Walking with Jesus, focused on him, finding peace in his arms
Yes! I will style my hair but I remain beautiful because my KING created me beautiful!


WriterSpeaksPoetry is the pen name for Nneka Njoku, a columnist, copywriter, editor, poet and speaker with a french-english bias. A contributor to several publications (start-up and existing), and already out with her first compilation of poetry, Nneka writes & speaks to educate, inspire  & entertain. She currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria and works as a compensation advisor with a professional services firm.


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