YNaija Tinsel Review: How long do they intend to keep the charade up? (Dec 19 – Dec 23)

By Joy Ehonwa & Lekan Olanrewaju

 …Fred for the umpteenth time becomes fed up with the presence of “Nurse” Sheila and wants her fired. The best part? He wants Laide to do the deed.

Last week ended with the pesky and fashion-inept Detective Sankey finding a legitimate reason to arrest Amaka. Luckily she was able to secure a private cell. Not that she would have been in too much trouble if she didn’t of course, as Angela quickly overthrew the queen bee in the general cell and established herself as alpha-inmate; a turn of events most people might find shocking, but let’s face it, by now we should realise Angela isn’t about to tolerate any nonsense from anyone.

Unfortunately her precious job just might be gone forever: she not only missed the screening of ‘The Harmattan Diaries’, but was arrested right in front of her boss Alex, who already made it clear he wasn’t going to stand for anyone sullying the precious name of World Movies.

On a positive note, it seems her relationship with Nero might not be beyond redemption. The news of Amaka’s private cell did not bring on a scathing tirade about how daddy dearest only cares about his pregnant girlfriend. Instead, we witnessed something subtly moving; a father speaking words of encouragement to a daughter he finally realises he has put through too much and a girl finding hope in the words of a father she tries so hard to convince herself she doesn’t care about. Then again, we’ve seen them have several “breakthroughs” like this before; hell, they even lived together at one point, and we all know how that turned out.

Speaking about living together, over at the Ade-Williams residence, Fred for the umpteenth time becomes fed up with the presence of “Nurse” Sheila and wants her fired. The best part? He wants Laide to do the deed.

Phillip promises to talk to the doctor and insist that Sheila stays, but one can only wonder though how long they intend to keep the charade up? It’s literally ridiculous at this point. Ignoring the gaping holes in the plot and the feasibility, or lack thereof, of the idea of keeping the old man in their little cocoon and away from the outside world, what is their plan for his memory? They keep going on and on with that same line about how “It doesn’t work like it does in the movies” but are they seriously going to just continue to deceive the man in the hope that one day his memory magically comes back?

Meanwhile, the “inferior” Ade-Williams, if we are to believe his sharp-tongued wife, that is, decided to help his daughter, Shalewa put a band together to prepare for her school trip to Ghana. Her cousin Freddy singlehandedly tweaked her Facebook image (her password is isikilu, by the way), advertised her audition online and served as an audition judge! Her mother found her out, but who cares?

Shalewa had quite a lot of fun with her cousin this week. The two are quite a pair. Only makes us curious about how the sub-plot which will inevitably end with Titan/Toks becoming her boyfriend will play out whenever the writers decide to stop beating around the bush with it.

And there is already too much. See you next week!

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