“You don’t know what love is!” – YNaija Weekly Tinsel Review Feb 6 – 10

by Joy Ehonwa

Watching Amaka in this state – completely driven by her heart – is an extremely exasperating experience. By the time Sankey found out that Mrs Etuk’s hideout wasn’t a proper hotel but one of those buildings converted to lodgements, the woman had already escaped. Unfortunately for her, she forgot the baby’s pacifier and when his cries started drawing attention to her bag where she’d hidden him, she had no choice but to return to the room to retrieve it. Luckily for us, she ran smack into Sankey but she dashed into the room and locked the door before she could be apprehended. Then, Segun stupidly informed Amaka that Mrs. Etuk had been found. And this, after she had already made a scene at the other hotels, banging on doors and generally getting in the way of the investigation until she fainted and Sankey had to send her home!

Amaka, not thinking, came running over and despite Sankey’s and Sheila’s warnings she burst into the room where Mrs Etuk sprayed something in her eyes. We hope we won’t have to put up with a blind Amaka – she will surely be even more insufferable.

Her godfather on his part isn’t exactly listening to anyone’s advice either. First, he insisted on re-introducing himself to the world by attending the Harmattan Diaries premiere. Then, he not only invited a very reluctant Sheila to be his date, but also asked her to help write the speech he planned to give. He also asked Phillip to get him materials to aid him in his speech writing. Just how big a mistake Fred’s attending the premier is we are yet to see, but if his reaction to Angela, “Reginald’s PA” was anything to go by, we should hope for the worst.

Chris Okereke resumed throwing his tantrums and Alex asked Angela to fix it. When she called Phillip he told her he had more important things to do than “pander to lunatics, be they writers or development executives”. Gasp! We thought Angela would go crazy at the insult but she didn’t. She simply called him again and asked him to show up for a peace-making meeting with Chris or else, she would be in touch with his father. Of course, Phillip made it for the meeting.

Crazed Chris agreed to call off the boycott on one condition; that he would hold a book signing at the premiere, to make people understand that the book and the movie were two distinct works of art. Some people never change.

Kwame Mensah is one person we can count on to remain true to his mean, selfish, controlling, and vindictive self. After walking in on Telema and Soji in a warm embrace at the station, he promptly went back to Sankey’s office, crumpled up his statement, and wrote another one which we just knew would be damnation for Soji. He dropped Telema back at her house and she, obviously still stunned by the sacrifice Soji was making for her, told Kwame that she just realized “you don’t know what love is”. This only made Kwame more determined to finish Soji. He went home and threatened to fire John if he didn’t lie about what happened at their house that night. Poor John told the police what he’d been told to say – that he found Soji breathing hard that night, like he’d been running.

And so, it was a very distraught Soji that Telema met when she paid him another visit at the station, food basket in tow. She found out what Kwame had done and when she confronted him, he showed absolutely no remorse. Instead he offered to give a statement that would vindicate Soji – wait for this – in return for Telema’s hand in marriage!

Angela said something to Dr. Ibrahim some time ago, and it would appear she was right; lightning will strike the same place twice before a Mensah experiences a pang of conscience.

Till next week!

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  1. Yeah, lemme not lie. I've been stalking this website every second waiting for the weekly reviews, I know it's weekly but i still hope. Just wish there was a way to watch it for those in a diaspora 🙁

  2. Thanks for this review. It made my day. Thanks

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