Your Turn: Starting Small

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar


Prince William and Kate had no need to start small. There is a ready empire for them but most people have to pursue their wild dreams from the start, taking an exotic flight of adventure from ground level, or from obscurity, below ground level.

It really does not matter where you start. Your final destination is more important than your present bearing. The man who runs at 9.58 seconds took his first step as a child.

Many of us know what we want to do and how to. But many times, there is certain patience for certain criteria to be met in us or around us before commencing the noble expedition of our dreams. We hope to be just a little bit bigger or better off. I call this a classic error, somewhat mediocre.

Everything phenomenal begins with an idea but not every idea becomes a phenomenon because the possessors often starve or belittle their beautiful ideas. The reality of the great bliss resident in the idea is acknowledged, but the conditions do not seem ideal to begin. When you have an idea, you ignite it.

Let’s see this more practically.

If you really want to have a laboratory that meets the quality standards and that leaves you a happy professional. Start small. Plan. Buy a few reagents. Ask for an old, rusty centrifuge and begin. With time, you can save for a better lab!

You may want a trendy, decent clothing line that’s distinct, original, and has a strong appeal and potent charm for wearers. Great Idea! As loyal customers pride themselves in the attire, dignitaries shall diligently seek the feel of your original fabric on their skin. Learn to sew. Start small. That is where it all begins. Begin as your personal costumier. Wear your brand first, and be proud about your style. It is like wearing your mind’s expression, and that is simply lovely.

Were you born a singer? Pen your lyrics; visualise the performance of your piece in the studio. Play the beats and ruminate on the rhythms of your song, meditating, rehearse it and let your vocal cords loose. That’s what would make your première single a hit! That would power your next song and bring your album. And the whole symphony would be a success story: for you started somewhere. You started small.

You really want to be in Christian ministry: the greatest call of all, being God’s Emissary and Regent. The anointed minister honoured the Saviour’s call one day. Give yourself time to grow. Pray a lot. That’s the key! Read very deep for the logos to be real in and around you. Understand your call and mission. Nurture it faithfully, and grow.

In all, we are discussing about our dreams, and there is one thing we do know: starting small is the way a small step grows to a very golden trail.

On your marks; Set; Start small!

Beat the gun, if you like!

Thank you,

Debowale Adekunbi

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