3rd Mainland Bridge crash: “Suddenly, everything went blank…” – 43-year-old survivor, a pastor, narrates his experience

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4 Responses

  1. Wow! What a miracle. God be praised.

  2. Mbaiorga Daniel says:

    It is a miracle,Traffic Radio 96.1 reported the incidence and i kept on asking myself,’who will rescue this man?’but God does it for him,he should just thank God for everything.

  3. Ayodele Adedeji-Campbell says:

    I really see this as an act of God. God has proved his omni-scient and omni-presence existence in Olusola Oladimeji’s life. He shld get closer to Baba God more than eva. Am hapi 4 him.

  4. Brian says:

    Who will be living on Lagos Mainland, work on the Island monday to friday, go to early morning meeting on the Island… and not sleep off on 3MB? I believe he slept off… that’s why he said everything went blank. LAGOSIANS work too hard!

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