70-year-old man rapes 12-year-old girl in Minna

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3 Responses

  1. Uwa Odefa says:

    is it really rape when it occurs in the north? There’s no clear understanding of who a girl-child really is. they get married at 11 year’s. maybe this poor child is his wife or betrothed. #I’mjustsaying

    • shamsu umar says:

      Most of the girls from the Southern part of Nigeria of age 11yrs-to- above are been disvirged.. Look at ur Community, ur sister etc.. Idiot.. Talkin abt decent North

  2. fatima bashir jamoh says:

    i think this is just an animalistic behaviour,and should have a servre punishment,@70 rape?for Godsake that girl should be younger than his grandchild,if he has any,judgement awaits him from above and below!

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