D’banj, again! He’s back with smashing new video for ‘Cashflow’ (WATCH)

by Isi Esene

If anyone can talk about money and cashflow in the Nigerian music industry, it is definitely D’banj. The G.O.O.D music crew member is back with another smashing video titled ‘Cashflow’. The video has abundance of fast cars, cash, and hot girls.

Please watch video below and tell us what you think about the Kokomaster’s latest release.

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  1. I don't know what else to say honestly. This will definitely shock a lot of people and most definitely put paid to all these talks about DBanj cannot sing, Dbanj cannot go it alone rubbish. For anyone who doesn't believe in his abilities, DBanj is an inspiration. This right here is the bomb!! End of discussion!!

  2. No long thing koko master,let dem say ok,we are moving forward.eja nla of nja.if dey still sitting dowwwn dey are sitting on a long ting.wwbwb