Femke becomes Funke: Oyinbo’s dictionary to Nigerian English

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  • temidayo

    Brilliant. Nice.
    We are Proudly Nigerian

  • dhamilola

    Very intersting.
    How come “Na Wa” never made it to this article?

  • levite

    Hahahaha! Very nice comic relief for my stressful day. Thanks funke. Nicely composed. Looking forward to the updated dictionary with “nothing dey happen”, “na wa o”, “onyibo”, “na wash”, “long thing”…

  • ebuka

    quite hilarious.well u still have a lot to learn. ‘toh bad’, ‘too gbaski’,’joor oh’. looking forward to future editions.

  • http://ynaija.com chinny

    Wetin concern her how we take de speak English,na our Language be d@?wetin I know be say we de try,abeg Femke or Funke or even Funkie,anyone wey u be,u go soon commot 4 ds naija,write something else in ur nxt article,make we be abeg,we dey understand ourselves wella n we no send weda u or ur pple understand us or not,if u no know wetin u wan write,wait make I buy u broom wey u go carry sweep desert. I’m sure u r short of wht to Write on. NKAKWU.

    • Tee

      Where is your sense of humor? Are you for real?
      Take a back seat my friend..*mstchew

    • temidayo

      Guy, dat ur comment no make sense at-all.

      • efimilejo

        Leave am. The guy de write like person wey like to de carry last.

  • jummy

    So funny and apt!!!love your writin style!!I still can’t stop LOL

  • maya

    funke femke, omo to make sense, omo too gbaski