GEJ will spend 7 years in prison after tenure – Prophet

Respected for the accuracy of his predictions, Prophet Marcus Tibetan who is widely referred to as the Nostradamus of our time predicts that ten Ministers in the cabinet of President Goodluck Jonathan would be dropped this year for being ineffective and incompetent.

According to the prophet, President Goodluck Jonathan, should pray against losing loved ones in this year 2013.

These are some of the predictions of Prophet Marcus Tibetan, the Parish Head of Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha Parish, for the year 2013.
The President should pray very hard against a situation that would arise and make him spend at least seven years in jail after his tenure as President of Nigeria.

‘Four members of the House of Representatives will die this year and there will be two major air disasters in the months of May and June 2013 !’

He further predicts that the Senate President, David Mark, should begin to wind up and prepare for his exit from politics as disgrace is imminent.

The Vice President, Namadi Sambo, should forget any ambition of being the Vice President of Nigeria again after this first term. Bamanga Tukur may be the last PDP Chairman as the party would suffer a lot of crises and setbacks in 2013.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo needs to do more for the Yoruba race in particular and Nigeria in general. He should perform the assignment of putting the Yoruba race in the forefront with zeal as this could be his last assignment.

Prophet Marcus Tibetan’s earth shaking predictions for the year 2013 are presently being compiled into a book which will be in circulation within the first quarter of the year. The Prophet who is loved and respected in his native town of Ode-Aye has visited more than eighty countries.

His mastery of the Bible can be seen in his in exhaustive quotations from the Holy book.

The man of God is able to cure chronic diseases and ailments such as sickle cell anaemia and diabetes, amongst others.

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  1. This is d tyme to pray more n talk less. Bcos d advantage of prophecy is to prepare 1 for d future n once it has bn told do hv solutions n dat is prayers, prayers and prayers. Let us pray…………!!!

  2. Marcus you list the bad things that will happen, what about the good things that will happen? May be you re devil messanger. Nonesense

  3. Oga Ilesha, the seven year prison for Jonathan, does it include the jail term he is already serving now?

    Another seven years will make it almost longer than others before him… Maybe you can drop your address so someone from AsoRoko or OTAdola farm to drop a G-bag of changes from Turai Yar-Adua for you now…?

  4. Help me tell that native doctor of urs dat no one knws d future wit certainty exerpt Allah subhanahu wa'ta ala.d evil spirits he is working wit one day disgrace n abondon him.and nothing will be left 4 him exerpt hellfire.let him take warning.

  5. Except the Lord build a House, the laborers labor in vain. The lord alone can establish the words of his prophet. weather by power, wisdom, spirit or prediction,it will never come to pass except the lord has approved it.

  6. If the criss in pdp wil bring d requred solution to nigeria problems it is highly wellcome, also let those that need to die, die 4 nigeria to move 4ward, what else dos david mark need if not disgrace