GEJ will spend 7 years in prison after tenure – Prophet

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19 Responses

  1. He's just seeking recognition and relevance. If these things don't happen I won't be surprised bcos I don't believe in such things…I just heard that name for the first time.

  2. Mc Miracle says:

    This is d tyme to pray more n talk less. Bcos d advantage of prophecy is to prepare 1 for d future n once it has bn told do hv solutions n dat is prayers, prayers and prayers. Let us pray…………!!!

  3. Yusuf Square says:

    Dis country need seriouSly prayer 4 our leaders, we may say dis may nt happen it becum reality! May God bless naija.

  4. Alhassan Abubakar says:

    no body’sknows tomorrow

  5. prophet marcus tibetan prophecies are Evil.
    he dosnt C things in d ways of GOD.

  6. OLUMIDE says:

    God have mercy. GEJ should not B̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ jailed. мαу God avert this disasters{Å♍ƺn }

  7. abubakar says:

    Marcus you list the bad things that will happen, what about the good things that will happen? May be you re devil messanger. Nonesense

  8. Huhh says:

    Oga Ilesha, the seven year prison for Jonathan, does it include the jail term he is already serving now?
    Another seven years will make it almost longer than others before him… Maybe you can drop your address so someone from AsoRoko or OTAdola farm to drop a G-bag of changes from Turai Yar-Adua for you now…?

  9. Uwaodefa says:

    Amen to everything except the air disasters!

  10. bamanga ibn dauda says:

    Help me tell that native doctor of urs dat no one knws d future wit certainty exerpt Allah subhanahu wa’ta ala.d evil spirits he is working wit one day disgrace n abondon him.and nothing will be left 4 him exerpt hellfire.let him take warning.

  11. U.S Samuel. says:

    Except the Lord build a House, the laborers labor in vain. The lord alone can establish the words of his prophet. weather by power, wisdom, spirit or prediction,it will never come to pass except the lord has approved it.

  12. Advertisement or what?

  13. Benson opeyemi gabriel says:

    If the criss in pdp wil bring d requred solution to nigeria problems it is highly wellcome, also let those that need to die, die 4 nigeria to move 4ward, what else dos david mark need if not disgrace

  14. Eurofighter says:

    This preacherman is either boozed or high on ganja!

  15. I pray for my beloved country Nigeria. This is the least level this country will attent. I declare favour from the throne of God to enveloe Nigeria in Jesus' name.

  16. Emmanuel Shagba says:

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