“I didn’t collect money from Jonathan,” says D’banj – Was the Kokomaster ‘dumb’ in his interview today?

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  1. eefeanyi says:

    You guys should cut him some slack,everyone knows D’banj does not like cold,and so could not go outside. ~ LOL…

  2. Makinde remi says:

    I aam very disapointed! Dbang don fuckup!

  3. orchid says:

    dbanj is fool.we all don’t like cold,but u don’t see us complaining about it,plus if he doesn’t like cold what was he doing in u.k. DUMBASSSSSS

    • obi says:

      you are a fool, didnt you read that he went to shoot his video, you can live in the uk and saty where you will be warm, why will you go and kill urself in the cold, as if you can die for ur country, bastard

  4. Cheche says:

    *Sigh* D’banj is an idiot.

  5. jr says:

    The retard d’banj is an ambassador just at face level, he does nothing to strengthen the cause of the youth that follow him. We know he didn’t collect money from good luck, he was given oil alloction from ppmc alongside other loyal supporters. Now let him deny this.

  6. Oyin says:

    The “me, myself & I” syndrome.

  7. Jazzy says:

    Dumb and arrogant…two words that describe the guy.

  8. Jazzy says:

    Also on good authority that he is one of the portfolio importer of kerosene….so what he collected was more lucrative than collecting cash ke!

  9. sandra says:

    im so sure that even 2face wey no go skool no go anwser questions for interview like. hes more saying i dont care what happens in my country i care about my carear and carear alone. A youth ambassador for that matter, someone should please teach him his job. but we all know he just told an open lie, cos his producer Don jazzy cant say he didnt know anything about the protest and his twitter handle and that of dbanj received lots of negative mentions

  10. dee says:

    Not really his fan, but I’ve never critisized him. He really messed up himself in this interview and I noticed he became aggressive at some point. Well goodluck to him.

  11. Badotee says:

    Since d’banj ventured into the limelight, he has not been taking stuffs serious. Thats why i am not suprised about all these issue

  12. gbenga says:

    It simply shows his intellectual capacity and how high he may possibly fly… If he thinks his music career would give him a life time wings to fly, he should think again and take lessons from those before him(hammer, majek,bobby est).

  13. Bolarinwa says:

    Suddenly D’banj is no longer concerned, he was concerned when he sang and interviewed GEJ, but now the dumb idiot who thinks its all about money in his pocket is no longer concerned! He didn’t have to be in the protest anyway, people showed solidarity without being at the venue of the protest!

  14. mohammed says:

    D’banj, Omo u don fall boys hand! I no dey waste my money buy ur album again!

  15. xumzy says:

    D’banj should know that Nigerians cannot be fooled forever. One day nemesis will catch up with all those taking Nigerians for fool. He has indirectly shown in this interview that he is part of the cabal. His generation will pay for this.

  16. Umar says:

    Wtf! I can’t believe this crass indifference from an acclaimed youth ambassador! This guy na fool abeg!

  17. Ola Ade says:

    i will only say that i am highly disappointed at D’banj posture in what happens in this country, despite his claim that he loves Nigeria, does he think without Nigerian youths he can get to where he is now (NO) but unfortunately he had lost it. and it is so unfortunate.

  18. gcon says:

    Dbanj thought the interview was meant to promote his show, but got confused and dumb when he saw that it was more on his roles. Someone that campaigned for a president is now suddenly realizes he’s not a politician? He’s a disgrace. I cease to be his fan!!!

  19. temmy says:

    We are all entitled to our opinion. Anyway,is selfishness not the order of the day in Nigeria? The rich do not care about the poor so the poor are left to fight for their rights. Please let us leave him but I know God will judge everyone of us.

  20. na me talk am says:

    You all are fools. So because you expect him to support the anti-fuel subsidy thing and he disappointed you all by keeping calm on the issue that is vexing you all eh? Everyone must not support what you support. Why must the stupid Chika try to false words out of him… #Hiss. He is being diplomatic and I love it. I have more respect for him than that Donjazzy of a boy.

    • Coco says:

      er Mr/miss/mrs Na me talk am you must be a completely retarded human. Is this about supporting anti fuel subsidy or about the fact that he was so active in the campaign and now he is acting like his country isn’t even a biggie? dude read the interview well and tell me how words were forced out of his mouth! dbanj got all defensive when he shouldn’t have. And he is a YOUTH AMBASSADOR. what did he think youth ambassadors were expected to do? pose for pictures? U’re either dbanj or U’re the biggest fool ever to come out of a woman!

  21. Pearl says:

    Touts. Uncultured. The bunch of them. D’banj, be a little winny tinny bit interested in the affairs of your country. “Cold”? Seriously? What s weist!

  22. jesse says:

    He should ask d musicians of d abacha million man match, where are de now?

  23. Lanre says:

    He didnt knw wat was apning in d country during dat period?! He doesnt like cold?! LOOOL.. Seriously?! 😡 Dude is tripping….

  24. dupe says:

    dat ‘cold’ comment was jus low, maib he smoked 1 b4 d interview

  25. Daabo says:

    Why not leave Dbanj alone, he didn’t say anything….he didn’t want to mis-yarn. This is a simple case of “keep shut & be thought of as a fool, or open your mouth and confirm it”. However, his response was also very terrible. Yes, he fell hand (even shoulder join) with that “Cold” excuse, but if u think about it, he really didn’t say anything wrong.

  26. forte says:

    Dbanj needs to cut down †he marijuans intake

  27. ahmad says:

    Wat do u expect 4rom a tout dat get lucky 2make it by hailing him and buying his album? Its in our culture 2 let go those dat help u out of poverty and lead em 2hell.Am tired of nija poor pple dat re activist only 2get 2e top.Simple questions a lagos mumu couldn’t answer.But if its a northern artist it should be sth else. They should start calling u aboki,mollaetc.

  28. ahmad says:

    Wat do u expect 4rom a tout dat get lucky 2make it by hailing him and buying his album? Its in our culture 2 let go those dat help u out of poverty and lead em 2hell.Am tired of nija poor pple dat re activist only 2get 2e top.Simple questions a lagos mumu couldn’t answer.But if its a northern artist it should be sth else. They should start calling u aboki,molla etc.

  29. eromzy says:

    Lmao… Really? This shows how important education is!

  30. carlos prinZ says:

    Gosh…this guy is an idiot! I was in london till january during the fuel saga. London was just 12ºC or more. It never snowed, jes rained twice! And this BASTARD is saying this. His career now matters more than his country (∂ whole youth ambassador) *pukes. . .
    That interviewer just kept his cool. As he ª§ arrongantly replying him. ‘Bla bla bla. . . Why are U̶̲̥̅̊ taliking about negativity’ U̶̲̥̅̊ like rihanna. . . U̶̲̥̅̊ go old naa___if U̶̲̥̅̊ like wear shades sleep dey form big boy!!! *foolish Dbanj. Mae just πσ see your album near ♏e…imbecile

  31. jemi says:

    Yal shouldn’t blame him he might hav been stressed……..but den again he no try……..even non nigerians knew about subsidy

  32. Call me Toks says:

    Youth ambassador or Peace whatever, he’s nothing but a dumb retard who lacks patriotism and he’s consumed with greed, he lacks knowledge nor charisma to hold that title. Honestly he deserves be stoned on stage by Nigerian youths…. dumbest ish ever

  33. swift says:

    The Truth of the matter he is feeling funky,proud,selfish…dbanj my ass meheen person no dey forget where em start…u sold ur penniless life to devil. Looking back at 2005 in ib when we all performed he was a humble dude nw u dey form croaker fish stupid pala. For that two time back stabber bastered Na me talk. Y u no use ur name fool. See ur life I blv u gay. U are not a bold fan of ur dbanj ready buy all that Cd he is recording in uk alone Goat,son of bitch. Let me not see ur comment here again

  34. Pebbles says:

    I fink d banj is bin insensitive 2critical issues @hand…he fal in d colossus of half heartd political babarians masqueradin demselves as ambasadors…if u dnt no n cnt say anytin ow kum u new pple died in d protest?…skool of tot…a word 4rm d wise…PRIDE[goes b4 downfall]…learn 2peel d onions…@na me talk am -lipservice wnt get u a kobo…we wil survive,no mata wat my ppl wil survive!

  35. Yung'Chuck says:

    The interview is not half as hilarious as the comments that followed. I’ve been laughing my head off here since I read this piece. But that ‘cold’ talk is just classic man! It should be up there amongst the best…(Sarcasm)

  36. Amami says:

    Dbanj is a fool, it seems everybody in möhits needs Sunday school… Donjazzy talked trash about rappers, now see dbanj… Dey lack knowledge… Just lost my respect for them

  37. hilary says:

    Who even made that fowl a youth ambassador? “If you know me well, you’ll know I dont like cold” mtcheeww!!! Cold indeed. This really showed that this guy lacked thorough education. D’Banj bottom line is, you f**k up! You’re just too freaky annoying.

  38. Fawaz Madugu says:

    He is an entertainer, he entertains. We have too many leaders to blame not a musician. so what ever you are saying about d”banj is meaningless

  39. 9jaboi says:

    This is sacrilege!A Youth Ambassador didn’t protest ‘cos he was working on his album. Tell D’banj to check the meaning of ambassador. No tweets concerning the fuel subsidy,that shows he lacks spirit of leadership. From what I read here,he is less concerned ’bout Nigeria so far he is making money.

  40. O'seun says:

    okay, so what’s this all about? He aimed to dodge the question on fuel subsidy by saying he’s not aware. I think IMO, he is angry that many people have called him several names for airing his support for GEJ, even during the Occupy Nigeria thing, he was abused and called several negative things, so why would you expect him to say something when you have actually call him what he think he is not. by saying he is not aware, he should have said NO COMMENT. …and I think it was a dumb question to ask him about poverty in Nigeria, what do you expect him to say about that, that he is the ambassador for youth or whatever doesn’t mean he should speak on behalf of the government or UN, he was made AFY because many people would like to emulate him, if you want to discuss poverty with anybody then you shouldn’t invite D’banj, invite GEJ or any previous government official that put us in this precarious position. Enough said.

  41. yomi says:

    Dbanj is a bloody idiot! Its only u and ur family dat ll buy d dumbass record u r recording in UK. He is a good 4 notin fool!

  42. kb says:

    He’s interested in rihana, dis dude is indeed ILL******

  43. peesmoh says:

    He is a hungry scape goat.that dnt no we he rise frome

  44. deedee says:

    He doesn’t like d cold? Excuse me? it had not started to snow at d time! Does he think Nigerians are fools? Who made him UN youth ambassador anyway? Such display of pride&arrogance! Chika,I commend ur patience wit pple like this.

  45. yinda says:

    D’banj ‎u be big time fool, how will ‎u open dat ur useless mouth and say ‎u didn’t know anything bout d fuel subsidy…arrogant bastard

  46. Sameera says:

    Chika I am grossly disappointed in you for this interview:
    First your interview is without a focus, started as a rambling of talks, culminating into baseless soft sell entertainment questions and where all of a sudden, from no where you delved straight into a ‘political’ questioning session that have no roots really. I seriously question your integrity and wonder what you did (not) say to secure the interview in the first place.
    Secondly, you all of a sudden now have an opinion AFTER the interview, joker! If you were not satisfied with his response to ur questions, u shud av said so during the session, not open ur ‘pen mouth’ and write down all that you’ve written, so what if you are avid fan, do you know what being a fan truly means? Ask a loyal ManU fan what they did to him when he wrote Chelsea behind his Jersey @ trafford (take back your fanship!!!… pun intended! ). And if u truly know what being a youth ambassador is, or a role of a youth ambassador, why not suggest yourself…if you will not end up another Rueben Abati or a Ribadu in the making. It takes grace.
    Thirdly, scratching the surface of problems in Nigeria like ur doing, does not contribute in the least to providing a solution… Please educate me, what have you done differently with your office really? How have you been a solution provider in your own way? Empty barrels make the most noise they say, can u please make us some decent news without noise?
    Lastly, if I dare to go biblical, he who is without sin should cast the first stone. Are your own hands even clean? It’s logic; when u dare point an accusing finger @ someone, you’ve got 3 pointing directly toward you, so do it with caution.
    And to answer your question, if he (D’banj) was dumb in your interview: no he wasn’t. Silence is golden, y confess to things you don’t know of really, or open your mouth to confirm or remove doubts. I find you even dumb thinking he was dumb, ‘your’ expectations of him was cut short, so why express your bitterness globally?
    Since you do not know, D’banj is not the root of nigeria’s problems… When you (we) find the root, you have solved a fundamental problem. Get serious, and stop being comical with people’s lives.

    • lala says:

      @Sameera..You are a complete fool! You made no iota of sense in your epistle above…You and D’banj should jump off a bridge..What an ignorant bitch!

    • beautyfull says:


      • Oma says:

        I support you Sameera..like it would make any difference whatever comment he made..And to all those saying how dumb and foolish and selfish..whatever name you may call him..how many of us are totally free from what we accuse him of? Is he the problem or the solution to the problems we have in Nigeria? how would his participating or not in the protest have changed anything? was it not the so called civil right leader that accepted an appointment from Jonathan barely days after the protest?..how hypocritical!! And you all come out here to single out one man..one man trying to make the best of his career, and why not? aren’t we all trying to do the same for ourselves? how many of us would remain humble if given the opportunity to rise from grace to grass? how many of us remain humble even now? who are you to judge what he choose to do and what not to do? So he is a celebrity and a so called youth ambassador? so f**king what. You all can bombard for all i care..but what i do know for sure that it doesn’t change anything, so just drop it!!

  47. oby says:

    you too??? u wrote all these just to sound like ur mentor? its just sad. there are literates and literates. be more rational dear.

  48. Olawale says:

    Hey guys dat comment bout Dbang, he don yan d koko …he is still our man … Our country man nobody is. Above mistake , but h ehe fuckup other timt let den treat his fuck up dis way :peace

  49. kemzeal says:

    Dbanj has alwaz been a fool,it was obvious he was waitin 4 d rite moment 2 show it,nd 4 u sameera he wil feed u nd ur family wit d moni wen una go tk buy em album

  50. @Ceamberrie says:

    I love Dbanj but based on this interview, i personally think he is selfish 😐

  51. deji says:

    Dis is interesting. D comments wr more interesting sef. D’banj fans pls dnt get it twisted- nbdy is sayn he MUST support dis or dat bt nt having anyfng to say or forming ignorance bout smfng dat big is d silliest fng eva. Wen he decided to campaign for jonathan he didn’t realise dt it wldnt end der. Dnt start wat u can’t finish. Life isn’t al about money. U can stay in wateva country u want buh Naija is ur home. We will build or destroy it 2geda. P.s Shame on u D’banj if dt interview really took place.

  52. kaleta says:

    His life will be in danger if he reveals too much..remember Dele Giwa? so don’t blame him for being a stooge of the Nigerian government…poor DBANJ.

  53. Oyins says:

    I second O’Seun and Sameera.

  54. Guru says:

    D’banj dat so senseless of U̶̲̥̅̊ gosh! U are so dumb! Can U̶̲̥̅̊ hear d’ idiot  hate cold! U̶̲̥̅̊ are doom

  55. Mr ken says:

    Mr Olabanjo has erred beyond correction and as such has incurred the brunt of better articulating Nigerians. Mr Eminem wud say and I quote,”if u aint got nothing. Nice to say then don’t say nothing”. He has sold millions of albums and still showed concern for the Nigerian sunsidy issue that u were suffering from hypothermia as at the time the issue surfaced. U are a living disgrace to the youths of this nation.Do u even know the meaning of “UN” of which u manage to be an ambassador of peace for,if u do,then u owe Nigeria an apology if u don’t then wallow in ur obvious ignorance. Finally its obvious u need a complete analytical overhauling to help prevent careless mistakes like this in the near future. Once I think up more,I will say more. If this interview is doctored,then I tender an apology to the “koko maste”r,but if its not and it is as he said it,then keep ur eyes in this column cos I will go universal on Mr Olabanjo. The media can actually say anitin.

  56. kobikes says:

    Y’all r looking 4 a saviour in d wrong place. Dbanj is jst lik every1 of u.y’all won’t do nada if u were in his shoes. D man has dined wit d devil (the federal government), he has to be careful with wat he says if not he’s gona b ur dp 4 wit d quote RIP. Leave d guy alone.

  57. richie says:

    @Sameera,I actually read tru ur comment twice n came to a conclusion dat u actually don’t no wat u talkin bout. I actually excuse ur ignorance n applaude ur fast mouth and hand. Chika actually potrayed the third instinct of a good journalist. She is actually to b compared to greats alike. She got his soft spot,made him comfy den hit him hard,saw his reactions den brought him down again. If dbanj didn’t wnt to b asked such questions y did he involve hmslf in politics den? Wat r u talkin bout sef? R u tryna tell me nw dat Chika didn’t v d rite to ask him political questions cos he is an entertainer per sey? U dnt jst talk wivout basis. In one of his response he said***I dedicated a track to GEJ cos I want nigerians to no his plans* he should den b able to teLl us his (GEJ) plans nw. so pls tell me y u fink d interview was baseless. Well, at dis point I guess it all sums up to d fact dat ur response ws nt only irritating bt also shows ow shallow minded u r indeed. D likes of oprah etl would do same. We nid to curb down on come chop from our countrys wealth. We nid to no where public figures stand. He deserved wat he got cos he indulged in politic. Arghhhh!!!! Wole soyinka spoke up bout where he stands on dis, y was Dbanj diff? He actually scored 0\10 n u scored same 2. Even a nusery sch child can talk bout poverty in nig. Haven’t u heard interviews wiv oda entertainers talk bout poverty? Wyclef ws interviwed extensively on d den Haaiti condition to mention less. Haba, na wa o. Sameera, u jst ended up being so so comical. We will sure make u a character in d soon to b out comic. She did her job n we finally saw d real Dbanj away frm d mask he wears. Good Job Chika.

  58. Bob says:

    Man, everybody with their own opinions.. Mine is; D’banj didn’t care about what was going on.. And the comments are hilarious.. Y’all actually started throwin comments at each other. LOL

  59. piss says:

    Stupid idiot, D.banj ure really a disgrace

  60. Bayu says:

    Its truth that ”one humble wen he z poor but d opposite wen bcom rich”…u r a disgrace 2 b choose as youth ambassdor…even deaf know much abt d subsidy removal..,u r a fool.

  61. beautyfull says:

    one thing that i think y’all should know is that ‘not everybody likes to disclose whatever they have in mind’. Btw, he’s just a normal guy like you, you don’t expect him to be everywhere solving problems like hell no, he aint a solution manual. y’all probably think he deosn’t care because he didnt respond based on everyone interest? Remember that he ain’t a politician! It’s so funny how you silly nigerian’s talk sometimes, talking about fuel subsidy like the fuck is wrong with y’all? HE IS SO NOT THE PRESIDENT FOOLS! He has his own thing to take care or y’all probably this being a celebrity is easy? smh…. y’all idiots need to respect the fact that he has the right to his own answers/response. oooh, I bet y’all thought this is a movie steam huh? LMFAO, THIS IS REAL, D’BANJ AIN’T A HERO WHEREBY HE CAN MAKE EVERYTHING RIGHT!!! Am i communicating??? Dumbass fools!
    And for you CHIKA, GROW UP DUDE! Sitting around question people with silly questions. What have you done for your own country? THINK!

  62. Vicider says:

    This is a very unfair transcript designed to discredit him.

    If anyone is truly keen on understanding his position, I’d suggest you take time out to watch the said interview.

    What this article has done is to put answers from different questions to a particular question in order to paint him in a bad light.

    Although dbanj could have done better with the interview….I think he made it clear that his knowledge of anything (especially politics) outside entertainment is limited.

  63. Anzah says:

    He’s an ass… Is there a reason y dis ass is a UN ambassador???

  64. MR CHANGE says:

    You guys are all hypocrites. 1st of all, the “My opinion paragraph says: he loves his career more than his country like DUHH.. How many of you guys left your jobs to go and protest(I am not talking of those in Nigeria)… Those in the UK??? those in the US??? how many??? Being in the limelight is a very sensitive. You guyz are never satisfied. You are the same people that voted for the same man that turned his back on you… Why did Chika not focus on the positive side of nigeria???? Why the negative???… If he gave an answer… all you People would have said “OH ISNT HE THE SAME PERSON THAT COLLECTED MONEY FROM JONATHAN” I am not saying what he did was right or wrong… All i am saying is you guyz shouldn’t be hyprocrites.. Dbanj is NOT the reason why our country is where it is now.. HOW MANY OF US YOUTHS HAVE GONE BACK TO OUR MOTHER LAND TO AT LEAST TRY AND IMPLEMENT CHANGE????

  65. oto says:

    dbanj is not fit for that position he is too childish. i honestly dont know why. how can he say publicly in an interview that he is interested in rihanna. wtf! this is so irritating.

  66. one love says:

    Someone should please print the transcript of the Piers Morgan/ 50cent interview and give it to Dbanj to read. 50cent dropped out from school—–> I can’t!

  67. Cynthia says:

    Agreed he actually did poorly during the interview, this goes to show how important education is. Though a guy like 2face would have done better but still dbanj messed up. From the look of things, ha has no idea what it means to be am ambassador so maybe he should quietly step down.

  68. Babe says:

    Very unfortunate. You don’t need to be a politician to know that people were dying and that because Nigeria is a special country (poverty, corrupt leaders, etc), the removal of fuel subsidy is most likely going to be affect all aspect of Nigerians negatively.

    Forget about Charisma right now he doesn’t care for the well being of Nigerians.

  69. Yinkus says:

    D’banj, welcome to CelebReality. Expect to be questioned and criticised for your actions & responses to questions.

    My advice to D’banj, If he knows nothing about Politics,

    1.he shouldn’t mix his career with ‘Politics’.
    2. Don’t request or ask the President “What are your plans for the Nigerian youth?”
    3. Don’t make/dedicate a song to any political figure

    If you mingle in Politics, expect to be questioned about politics.

  70. princess says:

    Nigerian’s in UK , know that DBANJ IS A HYPOCRITE and has no morals whatsoever , besides talking about bum and pple shaking thier ass!
    U like rhianna
    U like nicki minaj,and even beyonce.
    But you have nothing to say about a country that made you a super star over night and fetched you millions.
    Heard u lived in d UK for years before relocating to nigeria and now u complain of cold….. GIVE ME A BREAK ! did u actually think that your 1 minute of silence is enough for all the life’s that were lost or thier families. U HAVE MISLEAD several vunerable youths of nigeria.
    Its about time, we all stand up to save our GREAT Nation Nigeria,relentlessly and stop wasting time and space on this talentless , fame hungry, money grabbing, so called artists of today!

  71. DeRaj says:

    If all of you love your country more than your careers, what are you all doing in USA and Europe? Dbanj is not the cause of our problems. All of you are are suffering from ‘pull him down syndrome’ and probably need therapy.

  72. Me says:

    Na wa o! I will advice dbanj to resign from being a youth ambassador and have a peace of mind like every other artist because even if he had spear headed the rally, all you hypocrites will not appreciate it.
    dbanj or no dbanj, NIGERIA HAS A PROBLEM AND WE NEED TO FACE OUR PROBLEM….stop taking a piss on the young man.

    Everyone is crucifying dbanj now when it was y’all that voted Jonathan to office….DUMB ASSES! y’all hypocrites better go get a life.

  73. Rocky says:

    I don’t blame the young man,he only knows music which is his craft,but he knows nothing about diplomacy,politics and current affairs.i expect him to be vast.

  74. Preye Tito says:

    First of all @Sameera,,ur comment is the only one that Caught my Attention long Enough to Induce any sort of interest in d Matter..cos of its length nd Rambling!..I had to read it Continously for a while (heck I’m still scrolling up now to do so) to get a Better understanding..I think its Offensive to read n plain Gibberish,,all I saw re letters that make no absolute sense at all..this is nt about Chika or his/her Method of interviewing, its About a Man Who is an artist by pofession (a preTty Good one at that)who put himself out there into Politics(maybe fr busineSs reasons,,we can nevr be sure)..first by Endorsing the President in his Music n then Accepting a Position or Title (whatevr) as a UN Ambassador of Peace..if that isn’t reason enof to quell him on matters of state, I wonder what is..I’m nt Saying he shld follow the public voice & show contempt on the president concerning the Fuel subsidy Removal issue..but there re mre subtle & wiser ways to do it..Chika was Right asking him about it..infact it wld ave been wrong on Soo many levels if the Topic had nt been brought up,,he is a Youth Ambassador of Peace for christsakes(u don’t see anybdy asking wizkid his thoughts on d matter)So Rightfully he was expected to adress the issue one way or the other..obviously he Didn’t want to step on Any Toes (The President’s or the Mass) By being outright Condemning of the issue or Supporting it!..but as a Man of his Supposed “Prestige”being an ambassador n all, he could n should have Done a Better Job!..
    Then on your quote of the bible verse..”He Who is without Sin let him Throw the first Stone” I didn’t believe u cld be any more ridiculous..Nobody’s Casting any stones at anyone,,D’banj Embarrased himself on live TV!..He Embarrased Nigerians Home n Abroad,,he Embarrased the UN if I may add Since he is a Rep to them!..he Even Embarrased the FG he was trying So hard to protect,,he Embarrased his Fans,,He Even Embarrased YOU!..a Simple “No Comment for Now” wld’ve Sufficed, instead going all Defensive on the poor interviewer & basically Dis-owning Nigeria on Live TV & What was that with the Arrogance??!!

  75. Anu says:

    Why are we commenters hypocritical?

  76. obi-talk says:

    i think Chika’s questioning was not that great too. It was like she wanted to push him to make a bad remark. She needs to also be respectful, celebrities may choose not to take interviews with her if she has this sort of reputation already. Also there is a growing anti-Mohits sentiment in Nigeria. Its all the PHD syndrome again. I really cannot see what is so bad about Dapo’s responses. He was only trying to be careful.

    • oma says:

      Thank you so much obi-talk..I find her questions not too great either..dude was just trying to be careful in his response! her questioning even, had no direction!

  77. chimdi says:

    this Chika is a complete idiot. What have you done? In your life? Idiot!

  78. chukwunenye says:

    The fact is that, you guyz failed to understand the truth. D’banj as he is fondly called by his deciples, is now a full member of Illuminati and he doesn’t care if you buy his CD or not. Like him or not, the motherfucking bastard has sold his soul to the devil and he plans to rule the world soon. Freemansons. Illuminati is taking over our world. Watch out for them. May God help us. If you can take this message to him, pls tell D’banj I said so and I can prove that.

  79. oma says:

    I support you Sameera..like it would make any difference whatever comment he made..And to all those saying how dumb and foolish and selfish..whatever name you may call him..how many of us are totally free from what we accuse him of? Is he the problem or the solution to the problems we have in Nigeria? how would his participating or not in the protest have changed anything? was it not the so called civil right leader that accepted an appointment from Jonathan barely days after the protest?..how hypocritical!! And you all come out here to single out one man..one man trying to make the best of his career, and why not? aren’t we all trying to do the same for ourselves? how many of us would remain humble if given the opportunity to rise from grass to grace? how many of us remain humble even now? oh yeah so dozens of us participated in the protest? so what? does it make you a better person? what have each one done in his way to improve the country’s condition? who are you to judge what he choose to do and what not to do? So he is a celebrity and a so called youth ambassador? so f**king what. You all can bombard for all i care..but what i do know for sure that it doesn’t change anything, so just drop it!!

  80. bobby says:

    i will advice all nigeria not to buy his music again or his work

  81. I really never knew,why he’s getting so much attention like a Blind man.


  82. sandra says:

    lol it was too cold so he couldnt come out for the london protests but he was preparing for a concert the next day in winter in nyc. what i find even more disturbing is that he would actually say he didnt know what was happening in nigeria. that is such a dumb statement. too dumb. whatever happened to ‘no comment’ he better get his stories right what does he think is involved in being a youth ambassador –> advocacy. not diplaying his ignorance and being defensive ‘oooo if my ‘publicist’ had told me it would be a political interview i wud not have agreed blah blah….” so dumb.

  83. Ademola says:

    First of all,i think D’banj did all he could to avoid making the wrong comment.. If you watched his interview with GEJ and what he said afterwards, he said it wasn’t a campaign but an interview just like the one he got and he was convinced just like every other fool who voted GEJ in and he used his talent as an entertainer to dedicate a song to him. Are you haters telling me GEJ involves D’banj in his political plans? Who wasn’t fooled by GEJ? That’s even if GEJ doesn’t really have a good plan for this country. If he says he doesn’t know about the fuel subsidy protest, i can believe him based on the fact that he said he only tweet if he has important message to pass to his fans, even Kanye West doesn’t have a phone because of the nature of his job. I believe he is busy enough to be ignorant of the protest, at least he didn’t deny his knowledge of the removal of fuel subsidy. And i believe Chika is just like Ruggedman who uses celebrities to get fame with controversial statements and questions and i hope she’s got the attention she craves for all thanks to D’banj. D’banj is just human and i’m sure most of you are either not his fans or beefing his progress into G.O.O.D MUSIC(Being Illuminati Connected). Hate him if you like but i am sure nobody oted for GEJ because D’banj interviewed or dedicated a song to him. Whatever he said wrong in this interview shouldn’t warrant this crucification he’s getting from you and i think you people should rather watch the live interview and not the written one. Chika should make that available as well..

  84. tolani says:

    The interviewer was very insensitiv. Those Qs. Were terrible

    Its like asking a professor about football.

  85. obiosa says:

    I think this is d beginning of the end of d legend that was d banj…what a pity

  86. michael-calmwaters says:

    This interview was designed to spoil D’banj’s image. I see no reasons why it becomes essential to force anyone to speak on a topic he desires not to. Personally, I didn’t join the protest for personal reasons and I believe D’banj has his rights too. Nigerians are just angry people not knowing where to focus their anger. For those who said He (D’banj) isn’t intelligent and doesn’t know how to answer questions, should first climb the latter of success and then accept an interview that is aimed at destroying you, and let us see how well your responses are. Some questions have no right answers and those questions were one of them. All said, I wish D’banj a successful carreer with no potholes. And I’m out.

  1. February 25, 2012

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  2. February 26, 2012

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