Ijeoma Ogwuegbu-Uduma on #FuelSubsidyRemoval: The Thing That Kano Caused (II)

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  1. Bolaji says:

    Touching story…it shows how united Nigerians can be irrespective of religion or tribe.9ce write-up.#occupyNigeria

  2. Mansur Aliyu says:

    Splendid! There is hope in Nigeria, over time period I thought we are hopeless. But now I knew there are uncountable like-minded beings around. To begin with neither Muhammad or Jesus christ preached killing neighbours and innocent human kind. We may prefer to live as two countries, whether we like it or not we are brothers boundaries can never divide us. Let us occupy Nigeria understanding our differences to live and tolerate each other. The fire of the differences was ignited and maintained as a means of divide and rule. The one million Naira question is do they show lines of differences either ethnic or religious when looting our resources? Let us unite for a common course and say no more to alien vampires.

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